It’s that time again—the early time of year where we make resolutions and trends that will set the stage for the rest of 2019. Naturally, the most popular trends include eating healthier, exercising more and saving money. This has evolved into a “new year, new you” trend (#newyearnewme has over 1,200,000 posts attributed to it on Instagram alone at the time of this article) that everyone hops on every January.

While fads come and go, treating yourself to a better life means you’ll always be in style! We want to help build a better you with some inspiring ways to carry it on past just making a resolution:

#1: Make mini goals you can accomplish every day. 

New Year goals list with candles, decor and coffee drink

Forget “get fit” as a goal—that’s not helpful at all! Instead, start off with a goal of doing 5 sit-ups a day, and when you have that down, increase the number and gradually add in other exercises as you’re able to. Being able to complete this every day will make this a habit that you’ll come to love! Apply this to other areas in your life, and you’ll be able to see tremendous progress as the year goes on.

#2: Time your tasks.

How long do things typically take you on a day-to-day basis? Make a list and attribute it to hours (where 2 would be 2 hours, etc.). That way, you can plan your day knowing what to expect, as well as what’s realistic to accomplish in a week.

#3: Try 1 new activity a month.

How do you know you’ll like something unless you try? Go on a site where you can get discounts on things to do, and try something new with a friend! Go rock climbing, or take a nice dinner party excursion on a boat. Not only will this help you find new things to do in your area, but it will get you motivated and out of your comfort zone! That sounds like #newyearnewme to us.

#4: Throw away clothes you haven’t worn.

Young surprised woman searching for clothing in a closet

Take the time to go through your entire wardrobe. Do you really still need that top you bought in 2004 and haven’t worn in 3 years? Probably not. Though some T-shirts or clothing items may have sentimental value, consider turning them into a fun quilt or framing and hanging them on the wall—just get them out of your closet! This will help you make room for fresh, newer pieces as your style develops. This is feasible for all budgets, and really helps with clutter! (We all know Marie Kondo is trending right now, so why not take a few pointers from her new Netflix series?)

#5: Clean out your social media.

Okay, hear us out. We know you have a lot of Facebook friends, but how many do you really talk to on a regular basis? While it’s good to stay in touch, if there are people on your timeline who are giving you majorly negative emotions, consider at least unfollowing them so you’re not constantly exposed to any kind of toxic behavior. For a true #newyearnewme mentality, you need to eliminate roadblocks and things that bring you down. Do this with all your social media, and you’ll find your feed to be a brighter, more exciting experience going into this year.

#6: Learn to say “no.”

Despite how much we love watching superhero movies, we can’t always don the cape ourselves and do it all. Take a step back, and don’t be afraid to say no to plans if you’re not in the right headspace. A self-care day can do wonders to relax the mind and put you at ease. This may be hard at first, but you’ll find it’s going to be so rewarding to only agree to things you actually want to do!

#7: Read 1 book a month.

Beautiful young woman at home drinking coffee reading a book

While this is one of the popular resolutions of “read more,” there’s so much you can gain from setting a realistic reading goal of 1 a month! Pick whatever resonates with you—it could be a mystery thriller, self-help book or even a short story compilation—and take 15-30 minutes a day to tune out the world and your smartphone. If you don’t like visual reading, audiobooks are easily accessible from libraries and even online memberships. Continue to work your mind, and it will reward you in so many ways!

#8: Volunteer and give your time to those who need it.

There’s so much fulfillment to be had helping others—not only is volunteering a humbling experience, but it helps you realize how much of an impact your contributory efforts can truly make. Go to a soup kitchen, local animal shelter or even your neighbor to see how you can make a difference and improve someone’s day.

#9: Run an obstacle course.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself once you have to push past your limits—especially physical. Get a group together and run a Spartan or other obstacle race, since it’ll give you something to look forward to, and a goal to work towards. If the course is 4 miles, then you’ll know to work up to 4 miles of endurance on a treadmill or elliptical. You got this!

#10: Grow herbs at home.

Gardening - man digging the garden soil with a spud (shallow DOF; selective focus)

Sure, we can all buy dried herbs in the store, but why when you can have it fresh in your home? Whether you live in a house or a dark apartment, there are tons of planter options to help you sustain and grow your very own assortment of herbs indoors, complete with LED grow lights and reminders. This can totally be a game changer for your meals!

#11: Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Let’s be honest—we’re all quick to dismiss self-care—probably more than we’d like to admit. You only have this one body, so take care of it! You can start by drinking more water. The average adult should have about eight 8 ounce glasses a day. Although that sounds like a lot, it’s not! Get a water bottle that has notches timed to your water intake. By 10AM, you can check and strive to regulate your intake. You may use the bathroom more, but it’s for the good of your body!

#12: Knock out one of your bucket list items.

Everyone has a nagging list of things they want to accomplish in this life. Don’t ignore yours for another minute! While it’s always wise to set realistic, measurable goals, pinpoint one you want to nail down this year and commit to doing it. This particular item doesn’t have to be a huge one; it could be something as simple as treating yourself to a massage for the first time! If something isn’t attainable within the year (such as traveling to India, for example), take the whole year to save and plan every detail. Every step toward achieving your dreams counts as a victory!

#13: Put all your important documents into a fireproof container.

Stack of files on table

We wouldn’t exactly call this a glamorous item on the list, but it is important! How easy is it to lose track of insurance cards, passports, birth certificates and other vital documentation? Too easy. Set your mind at ease by filing everything away into a fireproof container that stays in a safe place. That way, tracking that pesky passport down the night before a flight will be easier than ever.

#14: Simplify packing with easy luggage totes.

“I love packing!” said no one ever. Don’t make packing any harder than it has to be. The right methods (such as rolling clothes vs. folding them) paired with a compact packing system will totes simplify your life immensely every time you have to make a trip. Say sayonara to shoving things in a bag and hoping for the best in 2019.

#15: Glow up (literally) with a consistent daily skincare routine.

When’s the last time you kept up with a skincare routine? If you do, kudos, but if not, definitely start! Keep in mind any allergies you have, or go to a dermatologist before starting any expensive products. Chances are, though, with the right ingredients and steps (it’s always cleanse, tone and moisturize!), your skin will be radiant—even without a selfie ring light.

#16: Don’t put limitations on your happiness.

black girl smiling

We all fall into negative patterns of delaying happiness because something is supposedly missing in your life. There’s so much zen in finding happiness in your current moment, because let’s face it: you’ve already come so far from last year! Take pride in that, and don’t reinforce thoughts that threaten self-doubt. As long as you’re trying your best, know that in itself is enough.

#17: Update your resume.

Chances are, with how fast the job market moves, yours most likely needs an update. Even if you’re not job hunting, keeping your job history and portfolio samples up-to-date will save a lot of time when you DO find that dream job unexpectedly (it almost ALWAYS happens out of the blue). Reconnect on LinkedIn, take new headshots if you’ve got a new haircut and add any new accreditations or skills you may have acquired over the year(s).

#18: Learn 1 new skill or hobby.

Although we did mention trying something new, perhaps you’ve got an old skill or hobby that’s a bit rusty around the edges that you’ve left behind due to lack of time. Carve out 30 minutes once or twice a week to revisit these. If you played piano, refresh your knowledge of chords; for coding, take that free course on HTML or SQL. You may even find that you missed doing these things, and that you just lost touch!

#19: Find your inner peace.

woman meditate in wood, close up of legs, hands and part of body in white shirt, selective focus on hand, side view

Every day, we get caught up with friends, family and even co-workers, but at the end of the day, being happy with yourself should take precedence. Take a stroll by yourself or settle into a relaxing bath—anything that will help you discover doing things by yourself is totally A-Okay! Put the “you” back in “New Year new you.” Whatever that means will have you questioning and re-evaluating things, which is completely normal. Nobody said achieving goals and dreams was easy, after all!


Did these tips help you? We sure hope so! Tell us what you’ve done so far to make the New Year great. Whether it’s redecorating or finding a new exercise regime, we hope it’s everything you’re looking for and more!