November—which we regard largely as the month of Thanksgiving—is about so much more than sharing food for one meal on a single day. It’s easy to forget what Thanksgiving is all about, which is giving thanks to all things in life, being grateful for what you have and sharing that joy with others.

Are you at a loss on how to pay it forward to others? We’ve got a list of things you can do in order to give thanks. It’s a great lesson to teach younger kids, too, as it instills a valuable lesson early on in life and follows them as they grow older. You can easily do this in a group, or just by yourself—the choice is yours.

30 ways to give thanks graphic

Giving thanks is easier than you might think. Make sure you download this printable paper, and stick it on the fridge, at your work desk, wherever you see fit! It serves as a great reminder on how you can express gratitude and thankfulness for everything you have and how you can help others do the same.

And who knows? After a month, this might just become a habit, and you’ll regularly do acts of kindness without even thinking about it! One thing’s sure about kindness and thankfulness—it’s infectious. So spread the love and be sure to share this with family and friends.