Hey, nobody’s perfect. With only so many hours in a day…something’s gotta give. Even so, in the interest of a clean, healthy home, we’ve uncovered five things you should be cleaning, but, like most folks, probably aren’t.

The dirty truth. What’s likely long overdue for a good cleaning:

#1 Trash/Recycling Bins

Phew that stinks! If you’re holding your nose every time you lift the lid of your trash/recycling bin, it’s time to kick the stench to the curb. Breathe easy. The folks at Household Management 101 have a solution to make this unpleasant task easier.

trashStep 1: In a bucket mix ¾ cup chlorine bleach, 1 gallon warm water and 1 tablespoon powered laundry detergent.

Step 2: Pour cleaning solution into bin and let sit for 15 minutes. Using a long handled brush, scrub the inside of bin. Hose down. Tip bin to drain out water. Turn bin right-side up and let thoroughly air dry. Lastly, spray inside of the bin with disinfectant.

#2 Microwave Grills

No doubt, you’re wiping down the obvious: the inside and front panel of your microwave. But if you have a mounted appliance, you might well be skipping over two important elements. Clean queen blogger Anna Moseley points out what they are and how to clean them.DSC_9997 DSC_9986

#3 TV Remote/Game Controllers

Pass the remote? More like pass the germs. Just think about how often (and how many of you) have control of the remote controls in your house, and it’s clear why you’d want to disinfect them, especially during cold and flu season. Chlorine antibacterial wipes will do the trick. Staying at a hotel? Never use the remote without cleaning it. In a pinch, put the remote in a Ziploc baggy to create a germ barrier.ThinkstockPhotos-162447473

#4 Shower Heads

Wash away germs and mineral deposit buildup by soaking your shower head in white vinegar. You don’t have to remove your shower head to do it (but you can if you prefer). All you need: white vinegar, a rubber band and a plastic bag.

Step 1: Slip rubber band over the top of shower head (you may need to loop it around a time or two for a snug fit. Fill plastic bag with vinegar and slip rubber bag around the top of bag.
Step 2: Wait an hour, then remove bag. Turn on shower to flush. Polish to a shine with a clean cloth.

ThinkstockPhotos-477783865ThinkstockPhotos-524302553 (1)

#5 Top Surfaces

Think of all the stuff you don’t see that’s accumulating dust: the top surfaces of everything from the refrigerator and cabinets, to ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, picture frames and moulding. Not to add to your to-do list, but you might want to make wiping down these areas top priority on cleaning day.ThinkstockPhotos-85447844Have a clever cleaning tip? Dish the dirt on our Facebook page.