This past year has really helped all of us focus on the heroes in our communities. Ashley HomeStore had the opportunity to give the New Port Richey Fire Station 1 a makeover in three areas the crew uses daily. Our initial assessment revealed that the firehouse lacked storage, space and a recliner for each firefighter. Deputy Chief Adam Darling explained that firefighters work 48-hour shifts and spend about a third of their lives in the firehouse. They rest between calls, therefore a makeover in these spaces was extremely important.

Interior designer Joyleene Padilla from Ashley HomeStore worked with Jacob Morgan Contracting and LL Flooring on this project. Together they turned the New Port Richey firehouse into a stunning second home for these community heroes. 

Crew Lounge

There’s a specific piece that catches your eye when walking into the Crew Lounge: a U.S. flag woven from retired fire hoses, handmade by one of the firefighters. As you continue to look around, you notice that the beige and brown tones make the entire space feel outdated and cramped As you continue to look around, you notice that the beige and brown tones make the entire space feel outdated and cramped.

During the makeover, the Crew Lounge was repainted and new paneling was added to the room. The old floors were ripped up and replaced by tile flooring that pairs beautifully with the newly donated Game Zone Dual Power Recliners. The recliners feature a USB port feature that was a crowd favorite among the crew. One of the firemen stated that they are now able to keep their phone batteries charged and available when on a call. A fresh coat of paint on the walls made the lounge feel brand new, while still preserving a dark and cozy ambiance for a quick nap. As for the U.S. flag, well that remained the focal point of the newly updated Crew Lounge.

Captain’s Quarters

Much like the Crew Lounge, the Captain’s Quarters were small and crowded. The Captain’s Quarters is designed for three different captains to work and sleep in during different shifts. The main element that this space lacked was storage. To make the area bigger and add that lacking component, the team knocked down a wall and pushed it back about 15 inches. This meant each captain got their own storage locker, as well as a working area with personal storage. The Captain’s Quarters’ flooring was also replaced, going from dated blue carpeting to a cool-toned vinyl wood floor that complemented both the dark tones in the furniture and the beautiful new paint color.

Sleeping Quarters

The Sleeping Quarters for the firemen was the most exciting transformation. This area was dated with beige/cream pony walls and lack of storage. We painted it a relaxing dark blue, while also adding privacy and storage for each member of the fire team. The new dark room made it much easier for the firefighters to relax and get much-needed rest. All the firefighters were excited to see the transformation of their sleeping quarters, and were already ready to get a nap in before their next call.

Another addition to this space was a desk that was placed next to the fire pole. Creating this small area in the sleep quarters helped provide a space for the firefighters to have time to study and get any written work done.

The firefighters now get to enjoy their new spaces, and the New Port Richey firehouse feels even more like home. The fire crew and design team love this new makeover and consider the transformation a huge success. But don’t take our word for it, watch the full makeover and the firefighters’ reaction below hosted by Chelsea Pezzola.