11 Tips For Decorating Like An Adult

Have you graduated from college or moved out on your own and experienced life suddenly hitting you in the face? Welcome to the world of adulting. The Urban Dictionary describes it as “to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as a 9 to 5 job and paying a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown-ups.” You may experience side effects such as dragging out of bed Monday–Friday, sitting in traffic on the way to and from work, rejoicing over Friday’s arrival, and managing your daily budget (yes, that can mean cutting back on Starbucks). For some people, it’s even settling into your first apartment or house without your parents. Good news—not all of adulting is nerve-racking.

Interior decorating can be one of the most fun parts of adult-escense (the adult version of adolescence). There’s no need to overthink it. Simple additions can make a world of difference. To successfully adultify your space, just follow our tips below on home decor ideas.

1. Color Pop

Who doesn’t love a pop of color every now and again? It certainly adds fun and vibrancy to your room.

This brick wall is a nice addition to the space. You can easily make an accent wall with on-trend wallpaper to complement your colorful taste.

There’s a good chance you might be entertaining more than ever before since you have your own place. Have your table set and ready for a last minute dinner party at any time.

Tip 2. Add A Pendant Light


By the way, do you see how great this lighting pendant is?

Tip 3. Go for Greenery

Place a plant wherever you can for a fresh appeal. If your green thumb hasn’t quite reached elite status, opt for artificial plants that look like the real thing.

Now this is an Instagram-worthy look!

Tip 4. Personalization with Text

Make your mark with your initials or catchy words and phrases.

Ditch the hand-me-down bed and fill up your first adult-sized bed with plenty of throw pillows.

Tip: 5. Add A Pet

This cute pup looks so at home. If you’ve landed your first steady job with stability, consider adding a pet to your life to help you become even more responsible.

Tip 6. Pouf Power

You can be small on space but big on seating with the addition of an on-trend pouf.

This pouf’s cowhide pattern is unexpectedly posh in this family room.

Note: See how adding a ladder to a small space is incredibly useful for holding throws.

Tip 7. Eye-catching Wall Art

Go all out with a framed gallery wall or choose chic canvas art.

Like what you see here, you can totally express your personality through your image choices. Again, this is the fun part of being an adult.

This X & O art hangs beautifully. Keep the whole living room looking presentable by following these furniture care tips. The coffee table here will also make you turn into your mother and tell everyone, “Keep your feet off my furniture, and use a coaster!”

Tip 8. Complementing Rugs

Keep an all-around fashionable home with the addition of style underfoot. Rugs are great for defining floor space.

In a room full of neutral hues, be bold with a color like blue in the rug.

The area rugs in both of these photos are the right size to complete the space. Say goodbye to the stain-covering, not so good-looking rugs.

Tip 9. Place a Tray

Use trays to show off your decor or to hold your hot cup of tea as you relax and take a break from being a grown-up.

Showing off your lovely tray on a bed means you need a nice mattress to hold it. Did you know that you can purchase a mattress and pay it forward at the same time? Check out our favorite charity on Instagram @hopetodreamahs.

Tip: 10 Go For Hygge

This is such a cozy look. Make life less stressful by adding a little hygge.

Tip 11. Storage Solutions

Store away throws, knickknacks, and important documents in tasteful baskets and boxes.

This basket fits right in with the dining room’s natural, earthy vibe.

No one would ever suspect that these stylish gray boxes are also holding clutter.

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