Follow our do-it-yourself instructions for making these tasty little bites of goodness for the bacon lovers in your family. A family-fun activity that’s sure to make Dad’s day.

Step One: Assemble Your Materials


10 artificial roses (either individual or a bouquet)

1 tall vase

1 lb. thick cut bacon

Aluminum foil


Kitchen shears

Baking sheet and cooking rack


Step Two: Cook the Bacon


  1. Use your kitchen shears to trim the fatty part off of each strip of bacon
  2. Roll up the slice keeping the meaty part on top of the roll
  3. Insert 2 toothpicks crossways on the bottom of each roll to hold them together while cooking
  4. Trim the bottom to create a flat surface for them to sit them on
  5. Place on a cooling rack placed inside a foil-lined baking sheet
  6. Put in the middle of a 400 degree oven and cook for 20 minutes
  7. Turn them over and cook an addition 5 minutes upside down to crisp the bottoms

Step Three: Create Your Roses


  1. Pull the petals off the stems (if the prong comes off, just push it back onto the stem)
  2. Remove the toothpicks and pop the bacon roses onto the stem
  3. Serve them up while they’re still hot (or rewarm in the microwave)



There it is, a project that’s so easy you’ll want to use it for every occasion. Let us know how it went over at your house in the comment section below.