Out with last year’s old, in with the new of 2017. Here’s an A to Z guide of today’s best trends in home furnishings and decor.

Artisan-crafted. Bring home an honest feel with goods that have the look of a hand touch.

Bold geometrics. Geo patterns are still trending strongly. They’ve gotten bolder in color and scale.

Copper. This metal can warm up any room.

Deep blue. If you haven’t heard already, “Navy is the new black.”

Edison bulbs. Combined with minimalistic lighting designs, these are a showstopper.

Florals. The more opulent the better. Poppies, especially, are on the rise.

Green. Indoor and outdoor have merged. Outdoor living spaces are as important as bringing natural elements inside. Green is trending as a result. The 2017 Color of the Year is even called “Greenery.”

Hygge. This Danish way of living by creating and enjoying blissful moments has certainly inspired us.

Into culture. Trends from around the globe are mixed and matched on various materials with vivid colors and patterns.

Jewel tones. So rich and luxurious, these tones bring an upscale appeal to any material.

Keeping it natural. The natural aged patina of metal is increasingly appreciated.

Low contrast. Take a step back from the high contrast of 2016’s black and white trend. This is all about muted colors and calming environments.

Modern bohemian. Feel free to indulge in eclecticism.

Noir. Shades of black, rich berry hues and iridescent finishes reflect an alluring aesthetic.

Of course, gray. Gray is not going anywhere any time soon. It continues to evolve. Combine it with lilac for a fresh take.

Polished and aged goldtone finishes. This is another warm metal that we just can’t get enough of.

Queue the country music. Vintage farmhouse style has taken over our hearts.

Refined luxury. Make a stylish statement without going over the top.

Sleek marble, including faux. Whether the real deal or a fabulous fake, lighter colored marble gives off an ultra contemporary vibe when combined with brass or gold.

Tactility. It’s all about the texture, baby.

Uber cute birds. Delicate birds are a fresh take on springtime designs.

Velvet. Trickling over from the fashion runways into our homes, velvet continues to be one of our most beloved fabrics.

Wood grain. We love seeing the natural grain of wood. It’s another piece of nature that we can bring inside.

X marks the spot for matte. Take a break from staring at all things glossy to enjoy matte texture.

Yellow. Intense yellow hues work well when applied to quality textiles and combined with eggplant purple or gray.

Zen. Peaceful yet attractive outdoor living spaces have made themselves known. Enjoy a staycation or two.