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Health & Wellness, Party & Event Ideas October 8, 2016

Red Sofa Tour Rewind

For the third year in a row the American Heart Association has partnered with Ashley HomeStore to spread awareness about heart disease. The custom made red sofa has traveled throughout the Tampa Bay area. This year’s campaign’s focus was pledging to live life with heart. People from all over Tampa had the opportunity to sit on the sofa and make their pledge to live a healthy and happy life. The sofa began its tour on Tampa Bay’s Daytime television show.  It was the start of an incredible journey filled with great people and many inspirational stories from heart survivors themselves along the way. Here’s a glimpse of this year’s Sofa Tour journey.

First Stop: Daytime TV Show


Daytime TV Show host, Cyndi Edwards interviewed heart survivor, Madeline Jones. Heart Ball chairperson, Allen Brinkman and guest host Stacy Schaible also showed their support for the cause. The Ashley team had a blast backstage and on set.

The Morning Blend


The Red Sofa Tour also made its debut on The Morning Blend TV show. Here, the Ashley team along with the American Heart Association got a behind-the-scenes peek at heart survivor, Brittany Williams during an interview on set. What a great experience it was and what a trooper Brittany is!

Clearwater Threshers Baseball Game

RST_1 (1 of 1)

RST_2 (1 of 1)

The Red Sofa made an unforgettable homerun at the Clearwater Threshers’ game. We even got to meet this 12-year-old heart survivor! Way to go!

Working Women Conference 

RST_3 (1 of 1)

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women and 90% of women have one or more risk factors for heart disease and stroke. The women at the working women conference were delighted to share their stories. We hope that these women inspire others to take the steps to prevent heart disease and stroke.

Flavor Run



The flavor run was one delectable and flavorful course, literally. Many supporters came out for the run in which fruit flavored powder was thrown at them along the route. Don’t worry, it tasted delicious! If you couldn’t tell, this year’s winning flavor was banana! This was truly a colorful, memorable and tasty stop on the Red Sofa Tour.

Tampa General Hospital Health and Wellness Center


These ladies from Tampa General Hospital’s Health and Wellness center jumped for joy at the sight of our inviting red sofa. They posted on social media and created a huge conversation about the issue of heart disease and stroke. Way to go ladies!

The Sundial



The Sundial in St. Pete, FL was a win for spreading awareness about heart disease and stroke. Men and women from all around Tampa Bay showed their winning poses on our red Sofa. This was a tranquil experience.

The Red Sofa Tour was a sensation! With over 10 stops around Tampa Bay the Red Sofa Tour had massive success! We spoke to local celebrities and newscasters and met remarkable and fearless heart survivors. We hope to continue raising awareness about heart health and stroke. We greatly appreciate the American Heart Association for providing medical support for those in need and for always living life with heart.   

Health & Wellness, Seasonal, Spring Inspiration April 26, 2016

Get Outside: Inexpensive Activities For Spring

The ground is thawing and flowers are blooming which means springtime is officially here! It's time to dust off your hiking boots, dig out your bike, and get some clean, fresh air. Here are fun and (if you own the equipment) free outdoor activities to do during this time of year.



Lace up those hiking boots and take a hike, literally. Hitting the trails is one of the best ways to exercise and explore nature’s most beautiful spots. Head outdoors and take full advantage of the natural scenery as you walk and climb the trails.


Bike Riding

Now, this activity is perfect for the entire family. Pump up the tires and grab those helmets, it's time to get pedaling. Take your bike to the trails or just cruise around the neighborhood, either way, you’ll you be taking in the clean, fresh spring air. Don’t forget a windbreaker; it still might be a little nippy outdoors especially for the young ones.


Running or Walking

Ready, set, go! Grab your running shoes and gear up for a run around the block. Want different scenery? Find a nearby track and relive your high school days by doing the mile run. Too much nostalgia? Do a light jog or take a walk around the track. Keep your feet moving and blood pumping for long-lasting health benefits.



Get out those binoculars and head outside to do a little bird watching. As the birds are gliding and chirping away at the return of spring, watch and observe them in their natural habitat. Don’t forget to bring a camera and snap pictures of these beautiful creatures. Who knows the types of birds you might spy with your little eye. Depending on where you live, you might see a Cardinal, Belted Kingfisher, Pacific Wren, Heron, Woodpecker, or even a Mockingbird; the possibilities are endless.




Bring out those protective gloves and revive your garden this spring. To get it back into tip-top shape, start off by removing weeds, revitalizing the soil, trimming old plants, and adding mulch. Are you ready for the fun part? Bring a new look to your garden by adding a variety of shrubs and flowers such as pansies, snapdragons, tulips, or lilacs. All you have to do is wait for a show of blossoms.


Now, that we’ve shared a few of our favorite outdoor spring activities. We would love to hear how you're celebrating the return of spring.