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Entertaining, How To, Living Room Ideas April 30, 2018

How To: Never Get Off The Couch

You know those lucky few weekends throughout the year when the stars seem to align perfectly in your favor and your calendar is wide open, without an appointment or party in sight? And, all of a sudden you are left with…*GASP*…nothing to do on a Sunday? No plans, no responsibilities and absolutely nowhere to be.

Bedroom Ideas, Dining Room Ideas, How To April 18, 2018

How to Choose the Best Rug Size for Every Room: Tips & Inspiration Guide

With so many rug sizes and styles available, it may be intimidating to choose one for your home. Area rugs have been called a room’s fifth wall, which means choosing the right one is as important and foundational as choosing the right wall color. Here’s a guide to choosing rug sizes that are a definite “design do” and will make a pleasing visual impact.

Bedroom Ideas, Entertaining, Health & Wellness April 9, 2018

A Guide to Children’s Sleep

If you’re a parent, you know just how important a good night’s sleep is for children.  A lack of quality sleep can bring out problems at school and at home. We’ve crafted a handy guide that details everything you need to know about children’s sleep. From how to make the nightly bed time routine a breeze, to choosing the mattress that’s best for their growing bodies, it’s all right here.

How To, Living Room Ideas December 26, 2017

Cushion Care: Keeping Furniture Sitting Pretty

Your hair. Your car. Your AC unit. What do these three things have in common? They all need maintenance to keep in tip-top shape.

Same goes for your sofa cushions. If you want your sofa, loveseat or sectional to be sitting pretty for years to come, a little cushion care goes a long way.

Like fluffing up the pillow you sleep on night after night, sometimes you have to “fluff up” sofa cushions by manipulating the cushion fibers. It’s easy. Here’s how…

For the seat cushions:

  1. Remove the cushions from the sofa. Unzip the cushion covers and get your arm way down in there.
  2. Run your hand along the outside of the cushion insert to fluff the fibers.
  3. Zip the cushion cover and run your hand up and down both sides of the outside of the cushion for a smooth and square finish.
  4. Put the seat cushions back in place and gently pull at the cushion corners to align the cushions.

For the back cushions:

  1. Use both hands simultaneously to pat down the cushions thoroughly and evenly.
  2. If your back cushions are removable, pat down both sides. And if they’re zippered, feel free to ruffle the inside.
  3. Once you’ve patted the cushions sufficiently, gently tug at the corners of the cushions for a crisp, like-new appearance.

That’s all there is to it.