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Entertaining, Family Room, How To April 30, 2018

How To: Never Get Off The Couch

You’ve earned it

You know those lucky few weekends throughout the year when the stars seem to align perfectly in your favor and your calendar is wide open, without an appointment or party in sight? And, all of a sudden you are left with…*GASP*…nothing to do on a Sunday? No plans, no responsibilities and absolutely nowhere to be.

Girl in blanket relaxing on couch in living room

THESE are the days we look forward to most. These days should be treasured. In fact, they should be celebrated. Let’s all make a pact that the next time our schedule allows for a “me day”, we commit to one full day on the sofaOpens in a new window. No interruptions and no excuses.

First things first, let’s plan our checklist:


An image of a mock iphone text screen with text conversations about a "me day"

Let your loved ones know about your plan a day ahead of time so they won’t be wondering why you’re not returning their calls and you won’t have to worry about any unexpected texts, tweets, tags, DMs, etc. Today is all about a no phone zone. Most first-class spas don’t allow phones so just think of this as your at-home sofa spa day.


Fast food on old wooden background. Concept of junk eating. Top view.

Pack a lunchbox full of all of your favorite eats and drinks. With a full day of TV ahead of you, it’s important to stay hydrated and well-fed. Also, this will eliminate any pausing of your show or movie to run to the fridge.


a dog snuggled up on a couch wrapped up in a blanket.

For your “outfit of the day”, we fully support spending the day in the softest, coziest thing you own or just making a look out of one of these throwsOpens in a new window. Blanket burritos for the win!


Depending on your mood, think about what you want to fully commit to watching for a full day. Or maybe you just watch half of the new comedy movie you’ve been wanting to see and the first half of the new thriller series. Today, is all about you and you have full control of the remote. What a beautiful feeling.


Your “me day” will fly by faster thank you think, so in order to prevent the Sunday scaries from fully setting in, plan your next sofa day so you have something to look forward to. Circle, star and highlight that day in permanent marker on your calendar. Like we said before, no excuses. We all deserve a true day to ourselves more than just once a year.  

P.S. If your current sofa isn’t going to cut it for an all-day couch party, shop our favorite sofasOpens in a new window right now.Opens in a new wThey’re all perfect for a true veg out day in their own ways.


Accessories, Bedroom, Dining December 2, 2017

See What’s Making the Hot List!

From simple and sleek to fashionably chic, we’re here to let you in on what’s trending and landing in the cart at Ashley HomeStore. We’ve compiled a list of top rated items customers are loving right now and we think you will too. Do you have a favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

Clarinda Accent Chair

Don’t you just adore the virtually armless design of the Clarinda accent chair? It’s the perfect embodiment of classicism with a modern touch. And the medium-scaled footprint works great in any room, including a reading nook. So grab a cup of coffee and a good book because you just found a new guilty pleasure.

Shayla Sofa Chaise

So much style in one petite-scaled chaise? It must be the Shayla. Nothing fits a spatially challenged room or urban loft better than this cozy seating and lounging piece.

Oengus Accent Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most inspiring and dramatic of them all? That is the Oengus accent mirror. This palladium-shaped mirror is a perfect addition for farmhouse to industrial styled homes. The spacious scale creates an illusion of light, especially where windows are in short supply.

Fairholm 3-Piece Queen Duvet Cover Set

It’s all about the ocean breeze and sand beneath your feet with the Fairholm duvet set. Transform your bedroom into a sweet retreat. We can almost taste the ocean.

Dalinda Pendant Light

Whether you’re eager for a travel inspired getaway or a boho sanctuary, the Dalinda pendant light sets the scene. It’s a natural fit for those who desire soft organic light. The intertwining rope over the metal adds an airy touch over a dining table, kitchen island or even over your nightstand.

Navasota Queen Sofa Sleeper

Functional and fashionable? Yes, that’s what’s so great about the Navasota sofa sleeper. This luxuriously soft seating is certainly dressed to impress and crafted for comfort. While most sofa sleepers have room for one overnight guest, the Navasota houses a queen-size mattress with enough room for two to rest comfortably.

Trinell 63” TV Stand

There’s no doubt the Trinell TV stand is a hot item! Its farmhouse charm is soothing and so is the fireplace insert option. Whether you are locked in the house and avoiding the weather or catching up on your latest Netflix binge, with the Trinell TV stand you’ll always enjoy the view.

Solena Table Lamp

Calling all minimalists. The Solena table lamp’s crisp monochromatic design blends style and substance. Inspired by rattan furniture, the lovely texture and metallic accent are sophisticated enough for any accent table, desk or nightstand.

To check out more of our favorite top rated items, click here.

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