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Dining Room Ideas, Home Decor & Furniture August 19, 2019

Caitlin Jarrell’s Family Have (New) Seats at the Table

Family Time

The dining area is a place of family togetherness. It is where memories are made and moments are shared with our families. In many homes, the dining area is the center of the home. We recount our days, tell stories, and spend time with loved ones. This is why we wanted to give the dining room some love in our next Mane + Mason collaboration!

To introduce the Mane + Mason modern farmhouse style to the world, we decided to partner with the Louisiana-based influencer Caitlin Jarrell. The mother of three used the lifestyle to revamp her dining area. 

Pretty Spaces, But Make it Functional

Adjacent to the family dining area, Jarrell set up storage stations to display books and knick knacks. The Grindleburg dresser features intentionally distressed wooden planks that further tie in the farmhouse style. Her decor choice includes hardcover books that add a textured element to the space. The aged jars and vintage typewriter complete the rustic vibe that is present throughout the room. 

Dinner is Served

No matter if you’re serving a roast or chicken nuggets and Mac-n-Cheese, this table with space for a  six-place setting is the pinnacle of fine dining. The theme of farmhouse style is brought to  the forefront with the rustic napkins and delicate greenery. 

With three little ones, Jarrell needed enough space for up to six people.

Mane + Mason is not only about creating a sense of home through the curated pieces, but also creating spaces that can be shared. Jarrell’s dining room is a showcase of the cornerstones of our modern farmhouse lifestyle. 
Set your own perfect table by shopping Jarrell’s personalized store here. For more inspiration, check out Jarrell’s Instagram.

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