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Work in style all year long. 

Home Decor & Furniture, Home Office Ideas August 28, 2019

Meggie Truelock Creates Boss Babe Office

When Meggie Truelock and her husband decided to move to be closer to work and family, they needed to find a way to make their new house feel like home. With the help of our Mane + Mason lifestyle, they were able to do just that. Truelock used our modern farmhouse product line to create a chic home office space. 

Create Small Spaces

Truelock, a home stylist from Texas, used accessories to carefully section off the room into distinct functional spaces. She picked the Oengus Accent Mirror, which brings in an abundance of natural light into the space. It separates the small seating area from the rest of the room while maintaining a cohesive look.

Industrial Design Meets Light Tones

Truelock’s neutral color palette for the office space creates a zen ambiance that is perfect for getting work done. She puts those soft shades on display with her industrial-inspired bookcase. Vintage books, vases, and greenery bring the light tones to new heights in the room.

Industrial accents provide a juxtapositional element to the delicate color scheme of the room. From visible nails on the upholstered chairs to the dark metal desk lamp, the office has masculine features across the space.

Whether you are starting a business or need a space to work from home, create a space fit for a CEO. You can shop Truelock’s specialty store to see which pieces she picked for her #bossbabe home office. If you want to gain more inspiration from Truelock’s home transformation, check out her Instagram.

Home Decor & Furniture, Home Office Ideas, Living Room Ideas July 24, 2019

Hey Wanderer’s Studio Brings Boho Farmhouse to Nashville

Wide angle shot of living room.

Hey Wanderer, a blogger duo based in Nashville, brought their own touch to our mane + mason™ farmhouse style assortment. Blog runners and long-time friends Savannah and Casey post insightful content related to their travel adventures, business ventures and lifestyle. We worked with Hey Wanderer to recreate their studio and office space in Savannah’s home and are excited to share it with you!Close up shot of wall decor.

The pair took modern farmhouse in a new direction–adding a bit of bohemian flair to the mix. 

Hey Wanderer’s Studio Makeover

Low angle shot of coffee table and living room.Savannah really wanted a studio space that let her and Casey flow better – they weren’t using their desks for work and would end up going anywhere but their designated work space to get things done.

The pieces they chose were telltale farmhouse – including distressed wood, industrial hardware and clean lines ­– which created a casual-cool space with enough seats for friends to visit. We love how the pops of art, lighting and textured pillows brought eclectic touches of bohemian decor to the space without overwhelming it.

Since the room functions as an office and living space, it needed to provide Savannah more than just visual appeal. To Chair and wall decor.complete their workspace, the duo added identical office chairs that match the color palette and provide comfort during long work days. Accents like the knitted pouf and throw blankets really tie the room together and add a subtle punch of character to the space.

You can shop the products selected by Hey Wanderer on our website. To learn more about the pair and keep up with their day-to-day DIYs, check out their Instagram account or read their post on the new space!

Home Office Ideas, Our Friends April 3, 2018

A Home Office Fit for a Boho Queen

When it’s time to create a fun, functional and vibrant home office space, we know exactly who to call.  Amber, also known as PreppyBohemianAtHome on Instagram, is the expert on all things bohemian, so we asked her to partner with us to create a bohemian home office. As it happens, Amber’s original home office was cluttered and dysfunctional and she was over it. Working together we were able to create the workspace of Amber’s dreams.

Bedroom Ideas, Home Decor & Furniture, Home Office Ideas August 14, 2017

Find The Perfect Spot For Your Bookcases and Cabinets

Have you counted the number of books you own? If you are like many avid bookworms, you may have a pile of books and no place to put them. Don’t let them sit around collecting dust. Why not incorporate them into your design scheme; displaying all that you’ve read and creating a place where you and everyone can enjoy them? Even if you don’t have a book collection, bookcases have many uses. From decorative displays to photo galleries, their shelf space is invaluable. Keep reading to uncover your bookcase options and get ideas for setting up bookcases at home.