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Home Decor & Furniture, Kids Room Ideas October 10, 2019

Leanna Laming Styles a Space for Baby Oliver

Laming wanted to craft the perfect nursery for Oliver, who just turned one in September. He needs a space that will provide comfort, and grow with him over time. This Summer we launched our Baby collection in collaboration with Burt’s Bees Baby to bring the best for every child. We can’t wait to show you the nursery!

We helped Houston-based blogger Leanna Laming refresh the nursery of her youngest child, Oliver. Creating a nursery is an exciting part of preparing for a baby! With a lot of questions to answer and decisions to make, we were so happy to work with Laming on this space. 

A Room to Grow Into

During their first years, your baby is constantly growing. Buying pieces that can grow and change with your child is a great way to make the most of your nursery purchase.

For Oliver’s space, Laming chose pieces, like the crib, that would transition with him once he becomes a toddler and starts reaching milestones like crawling and walking. Remove the front panel and the crib can easily be converted to a toddler bed!

Lamming decided to pair a removable changing top with a minimal dresser. When she no longer needs it, the changing top can be removed but the dresser remains functional! The piece can stay in Oliver’s room even after his footie pajamas become skinny jeans.

The rocking chair that soothes Oliver to sleep can stay in the space and serve as a cozy seating area when reading or doing homework. As for the color scheme, Lamming chose a neutral gray to keep the nursery minimal and functional through Oliver’s life.  

All Smiles in this Comfy Crib!

The average newborn can sleep up to 17 hours a day, according to the National Sleep Foundation. It’s paramount that you invest in a comfy mattress for your child, and one that will last.

Lamming chose a Serta mattress with layers of foam and a stabilized perimeter for the baby’s comfort and support. The mattress also has a laminated cover to protect your baby from spills and messes so it can last for years.

We are so excited to watch Oliver grow and love his nursery! You can check out Laming’s Instagram to follow along in the adventures of Oliver and the rest of the family! Browse our Baby collection to shop Lamming’s style. And if you need more inspiration for your nursery, check out our Pinterest for all your baby’s room needs!

DIY, Home Decor & Furniture, Kids Room Ideas July 23, 2019

Small Kids Room Design Ideas

Achieving that sweet spot of storage and style is possible in any child’s space with enough planning and inspiration. Whether your little one wants to reach for the stars or is content with tummy time for now, we’ve got small kids room design ideas that are both small space friendly and stylish.

Neutral Color Blocking

A nursery with a patterned wall


Going with brighter neutrals (like warmer gray and taupe shades) opens up your nursery space makes the room feel bigger. Rather than just painting a wall a solid color, use painter’s tape to make stripes or triangles like the above picture for something truly eye-catching.

Vertical Storage

Storage shelves with children's books and a bench with cubbies.


Since your little one most likely isn’t big enough to have an elevated bed that requires a staircase (the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no children under 6 should sleep in a loft bed or upper bunk), make sure you utilize the walls for extra storage. Use wall shelves, cubbies and other kids organizers to keep everything clean–and place other keepsakes higher than your toddler can climb so they remain safe.

Remove the Closet Doors

Open closet concept in a small child's room.


Transforming your child’s closet into a storage hub for clothes, books and toys is the perfect way to maximize the space (especially if room is limited). Keep out of season clothes tucked away in a bin or cubby and hang any jackets or dresses on hangers. The less there is to fold, the better!

Use Space Behind the Door

Polka dot wallpaper and behind the door wall shelves with books.


In small spaces, every square inch is a precious resource that cannot be wasted! Case in point: the back of your door and the wall space behind. They’re both handy places to stow away extra toys, towels, books and other commonly used items.

Put Your Child’s Bed in the Corner 

Small kid's bedroom design with colorful polka dots and a canopy over a beanbag.


This is especially important for babies transitioning into toddler beds–you want a place they’ll feel safe and secure. Push the bed against the wall so there’s fewer sides they can risk falling or hurting themselves. Although most toddler beds come with rails, some small children can get inspired to climb, so it’s important to be mindful.

Make a Statement with Color 

Colorful child's room with colorful hexagonal wall cubbies.


Brighten up your little one’s room with a mix of vibrant and soft colors–not only do they complement and present as very eye-catching, but there are so many ways you can play with color: picture frames, wall art and bedding are a few that come to mind. Accenting with a bright color can make the room seem bigger and livelier. You can also color code bins so your child can start learning cleanup early and know where things go.

Feeling inspired yet? Creating a space that encourages kids to dream and imagine bigger is something they’ll always appreciate –now and in the years to come. Check out our website and Pinterest to get more small kids room design ideas. We’d love to see how you end up decorating your little one’s space–feel free to use the hashtag #MyAshleyHome on Instagram for a chance to be featured!


Kids Room Ideas July 12, 2019

10 Nursery Decorating Ideas | Ashley HomeStore

Baby in crib.

Setting up a nursery is one of the many exciting things you’ll do in preparation for baby. That said, picking a theme can feel overwhelming with the thousands of options out there, so we’ve narrowed down some of the most stylish and practical finds for baby’s new space.

The nursery is, after all, where you both will be spending a lot of time bonding, so why not make it a space you’ll love? Forget traditional “pink or blue” themes–there’s a variety of fun color palettes and patterns you can explore! Make it special; they’ll only be this small once.

Simply follow our essentials checklist for the nursery, and the rest is completely up to you to customize and decorate!

But First: Nursery Essentials

You can embellish and decorate to your heart’s content–but make sure you have day-to-day necessities close-by and organized for ease of access. Check that you have the following:

  • Crib: The only area you’ll be leaving your baby alone for the first few months, the crib is arguably your most important purchase in the nursery. Take the time to research and ensure baby’s crib meets all safety standards (check out our crib buying guide for more info)
  • Changing table: You’ll want to have all the essentials at-the-ready at your changing table, because things can quickly get messy. Keep diapers, baby powder, rash creams, and burp cloths and towels nearby in case of an accident. The less you have to lean or dig for something, the better! You’re going to have your hands full as it is.
  • Plenty of storage: Giving everything a “home” in your nursery is vital for organization. Whether it’s wall shelves or cubes with extra bins, you’ll feel much better being able to tuck clothes and toys away when they’re not being used. Consider labeling your compartments–it’ll help you later when you’re sleep deprived.
  • A nursery chair: Sometimes baby is going to have a hard time sleeping, so having a chair to rock him or her to sleep and nurse them in is a must-have. Just be sure you also don’t fall asleep with them, as that can be a safety hazard.

Now that all your essentials are out of the way, it’s time for the fun part–decorating!

#1: Neutral Nuance

Baby crib with neutral decor.

Gray is a popular neutral and very fashionable by today’s standards. Not only that, it’s also the perfect color scheme if you prefer a gender-neutral nursery. The relaxing hues are sure to keep you and baby feeling soothed and calm.

#2: Colored/Patterned Ceilings

Nursery with colored ceiling.

If you’re worried about too much color on your walls, then a colored or patterned ceiling is a perfect alternative. Add a bold shade or an accent pattern that complements a rug or ottoman like the image above. A vibrant nursery can make a happy nursery!

#3: Monogram Your Newborn’s InitialsMonogram details in nursery.

Pay homage to your baby’s name by placing their initials upon the wall. Whether you choose a fancy script or big, block letters, it’s sure to be a fun decoration piece in the nursery. Experiment with colors, materials and even patterns in the initials for a pop of excitement.

#4: Use Decals or Wallpaper

Nursery with removable paneling.

Going with a specific theme in the nursery means you have a lot to play with, including wood panel decals and wallpaper! Pick a print that encourages curiosity and exploration in your little one. You’ll also want to make sure it’s something you don’t mind looking at, either. Many places have easy stick-on and removable decals and wallpaper, so you can replace once they’re older and want a different look.

#5: Add Nature Elements

Snake plant in nursery.

It’s amazing how greenery can add such an inviting and lively element to a nursery. Those looking for real plants can go with child and pet safe options such as a spider plant or jade plant–which are also conveniently easy to care for. If your green thumb is lacking, though, faux plants are just as beautiful and feel right at home with a forest, tree or animal theme.

#6: Add an Eye-Catching Mobile

Baby in crib with decor mobile.

Keep baby entertained in the crib or at the changing table. The fun shapes and subtle movement of a mobile bring a sense of magic to the nursery. Just make sure the bottom hangs around 16 inches above the crib mattress surface and the strings don’t exceed seven inches for safety reasons. Newborns have a line of sight 8-12 inches, so positioning it too high means they won’t get to truly enjoy it.

#7: Explore Rugs

Baby sitting on rug.

Give your baby a comfortable place to crawl and have tummy time–while also accentuating style. Rugs integrate texture and interest into any space; all you need to do is unroll and enjoy. Just clean regularly so when it’s time for your little one to explore, they don’t get a mouthful of hair or lint.

#8: Use Blackout Shades or Dimmer Lights

Curtains among nursery decor.

It’s been proven that babies need darkness to sleep–so using blackout curtains or shades can be integral to helping them take daytime naps. There are a variety of styles to choose from, and it’ll help them feel comforted and sleep better. Another option to help them get in the mindset of bed is to use a dimmer switch before bed. All babies are different, but it’s important to regulate their circadian rhythm and put them to bed and wake them up around the same time every day.

#9: Include Things They’ll Grow Into

Baby climbing on furniture.

Your little one is going to grow up quickly (almost too quickly). To help their developing minds, it’s important to have things they can easily transition into, such as a cute chair like the picture above or a pouf that they can sit on as toddlers and play tea with, for example. Transitional pieces such as crib-to-bed models also help ease the financial burden of constantly buying new furniture every few years as they grow out of cribs and toddler beds.

#10: Personal Items for Design Flavor

Toy in ornate straw basket.

Whether it’s a personal keepsake for baby or grandma’s hand-stitched blanket that’s been passed down, decorating with something personal gives the nursery homey charm and a sense of identity. You can even use this item as inspiration for the entire nursery theme–it’s entirely up to you!

We hope you found this blog useful as you decide on the perfect nursery theme for your family. Have any cute nursery pictures you’d like to share with us? Make sure you follow us on Instagram and use the hashtag #MyAshleyHome to display your gorgeous space to the world!

Kids Room Ideas September 18, 2018

Girls Bedroom Tour

What’s the first rule of interior design? Know your customer. That’s why we went to the source: eight-year-old Carson to find out what makes her Ashley HomeStore inspired bedroom, “the bomb diggity.”

Kids Room Ideas, Our Friends April 23, 2018

Mommy + Me Girls Room Makeover With Natalie Thompson

Impressing us left and right, Natalie Thompson from Deeply Distressed is at it again with her stellar design skills. This time, however, she enlisted the aid of her daughter Endia, and turned her latest project into a bonding moment. The mother/daughter team sought out colors, chose stylish furniture, and not only designed a chic, functional new space, but they created great memories as well.

Kids Room Ideas, Our Friends April 12, 2018

How to Create a Boho Boys Room With Amber Shirley

As you can tell by her Instagram username, “PreppyBohemianAtHome”, for Amber Shirley, boho is the only way to go – even in her son, Rylan’s bedroom. But she discovered that creating a “fashionable” boy’s room can be a tricky task when it’s video games and sports that take top priority for him. Thankfully her little man’s lack of interest in a stylish room couldn’t stop her from creating a space that’s infused with boho chic, yet still meets his demands for fun.

Kids Room Ideas, Our Friends April 11, 2018

Kids Bedroom Makeovers with Blogger Robin Long

Ashley HomeStore style influencer and artist/blogger, Robin Long (aka, Coastal Crafty Mama) is short on patience. Robin will update a room and within a few months be ready for something new. But when it came to sprucing up the bedrooms for her three children, Robin was determined to think long term—establishing looks that her kids can appreciate today and tomorrow. Rather than go overboard with “theme-focused” kids rooms, Robin chose to focus on finishing touches to create chic, cozy retreats kids of any age would be proud to call their own.

Bedroom Ideas, Entertaining, Health & Wellness April 9, 2018

A Guide to Children’s Sleep

If you’re a parent, you know just how important a good night’s sleep is for children.  A lack of quality sleep can bring out problems at school and at home. We’ve crafted a handy guide that details everything you need to know about children’s sleep. From how to make the nightly bed time routine a breeze, to choosing the mattress that’s best for their growing bodies, it’s all right here.

Kids Room Ideas March 9, 2018

Kids Room Decorating Ideas |Ashley HomeStore

If you’re looking for kids wall decorating ideas to infuse some personality into your little ones’ bedrooms, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what type of design you’re seeking, you’ll find kids wall decorating ideas sure to inspire big dreams.

Rest assured, these wall designs for kids rooms are fun, budget-friendly and stylish, so you don’t have to compromise on quality. Whether it’s a starry night they’re seeking, or fun girly-girl flair, you’re sure to find inspiration for boys, girls and all age groups with this array of ideas.

Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

That time you’re expecting a new life into the world is special, and part of the joy is creating a space for your infant that’s as imaginative and homey as possible. Don’t hold back on vibrant colors and whimsical themes.

Here are some fun ideas for crafting a nursery that your newborn will feel right at home in:

Under the Sea

Dive below the surface to give your nursery wall decor an exciting — yet relaxing — splash of cool ocean blue.


These underwater creatures are sure to add colorful life and flair into any nursery. Place the canvas art for kids rooms side-by-side, or play with spacing and angles to achieve your desired look.

Starry Night

Beautify your little one’s room with a cascading array of the moon and stars. It’s perfect for girls and boys room wall decor. Many craft supply stores sell an additive to paint that makes it glow in the dark at night, while looking normal during the day as it absorbs light. Painting a starscape on the ceiling is the perfect nightlight for a nursery. Not only that, but it helps maintain a dim glow when you need to check on them at night. No stubbing your toe or tripping on a toy.

If you’re not on board painting, then opt for some glow-in-the-dark kids room wall decals.



Starlit wall decor for kids can work wonderfully in shared kids rooms.Opens in a new window

What could be more perfect to accompany the glowing stars than wall art that celebrates restful, dreamy sleep?

Forest in the Trees Decals

Having a forest backdrop is very common for nurseries, as it evokes a calming aura—plus, trees are a comforting element that signifies growth and development.

By using vinyl stickers or decals, you can instantly transform your nursery into a forested sanctuary.

Nursery with a tree decal behind the crib.

Credit: PinterestOpens in a new window

Play With Letters and Names

Having your kid’s name above the crib (or somewhere in the room) solidifies it as their personal space—even if they don’t yet realize it. Plus, it’s also a stylish focal point when entering the nursery.

Play around with textures, colors and font for limitless options to make it magical.

The name ethan on a wooden wall decor above a crib..

Credit: Pinterest

Curtain Drapes to Add Drama

Drapery can add an upscale, classy look to your nursery that’s delicately sweet.

Nursery with drapes over the crib and a chandelier with a monogram also above the crib.

Credit: Pinterest

For inspiration on picking the right curtains, check out our selection here.Opens in a new window

Toddler Room Wall Decor Ideas

So, your baby’s now walking and the reign of terror on your home has begun. How do you decorate a space when the primary objective of your little one is to experiment? By channeling that creativity into something productive, of course.

Girly Canvas Art

Girls room wall decor can be brilliantly bold, and full of girly-girl excitement. After all, they’re toddlers, and the sky’s the limit. If her favorite color is pink, take hold of that, and don’t be afraid to hang up vibrant art that reflects her taste.


Check out our room tour with Carson for more inspiration for toddlers and young girls.

#2: Don’t Ruin Your Walls—Use Fun Growth Charts Decals

Watching them grow is so much fun. Instead of marking your wall, growth chart wall decals in a kid’s room give them a way to measure and track every new inch. Plus, because you can save the decals, it can be a memory to treasure long after they’ve grown tall and that room is painted.


One thing’s for sure—this chart will show you they definitely grow up too fast.

#3: Create Mini Art Galleries

Make a gallery wall with a mix of kid’s art, family photos and other mementos.

Kids gallery art wall full of hand drawn pictures and paintings from your little kids.

Credit: Pinterest

We have a variety of accessories and picture framesOpens in a new window to ensure you capture the right decor and style.

#4: Decorative Shelving

Installing wall shelves is an attractive and practical way for your kids to show off keepsakes. As an added bonus, the shelves provide a space for all those toys, books and other items and keep them off the floor.


#5: Chalkboard Paint

In recent years, painting walls with chalkboard paint has become trendy, especially in a kid’s room. No idea is too big with a stick of chalk and an endless imagination, and clean up is easy.

Credit: Apartment Therapy

Teen Room Wall Decor Ideas

You’ll see your kid making some big changes during their teenage years. They’ll be exploring their identity and trying different styles that will surely be reflected in their bedroom. It can still be a chic destination after school, though, by adding appropriate teen room wall decor.

#1: Make Bold Statements

Bold statements on the walls mixed with fun, quirky art can empower your future girl-boss with a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth.


#2: Showcase Their Favorite Sport With Street Art

If your teenager has a penchant for sports, what better way to express that than with some fun canvas art? No matter what their go-to activity is, these action shots will surely inspire them to keep moving.


#3: Display Photos With Peel-and-Stick Cork

Go to your local craft store, and pick up peel-and-stick cork. Cut it into any shape and apply it to the wall for a quick and creative DIY. Use it to pin photos, reminders, to-do lists and so much more.

Cardboard sticker above a desk used as trendy wall decor.

#4: Hang a DIY Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are a stylish way to embody happy sleep and general feel-good vibes. They’re relatively easy to make, so whether you or your teen would like to create one, it’s a trendy decor item they’ll love.

DIY dream catcher handing on a wall.


#5: Fairy Lights to Inspire and Set an Ambient Glow

Stringing fairy lights over your teen’s bed is a gorgeous complement to their decor. Along the lights, they can use clothespins to hang polaroids to showcase great memories, too.


fair lights draped across a well serving as great wall decor for a teenagers bedroom.

Credit: Pinterest

As fun and exciting as it can be to watch your kids grow, it’s a challenge to design bedrooms that grow along with them. Creating exciting wall designs for kids rooms are fun, cost effective ways to refresh their rooms, no matter what their ages. Which of these kids wall decorating ideas are your favorite? Do you have a room you’d like to share? Let us know by using the hashtag #MyAshleyHome for a chance to be featured.

urtain Drapes to Add DramaOpens in a new windowCurtain Drapes to Add Drama