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Home Accessories Ideas, How To, Outdoor & Patio Ideas August 3, 2018

10 Fabulous Porch Decorating Ideas

Do you have big porch decorating ideas, but a not so big actual porch? Just because your great outdoors is on the smaller side, don’t think you can’t turn it into an enticing outdoor getaway. No matter what size you have to work with, you can create the perfect backdrop for al fresco gatherings with well-chosen outdoor furniture and accessories. Here are a few ways to make the most of the porch or patio space you have.

Outdoor & Patio Ideas, Seasonal April 18, 2018

Benefits of Hammocking

It’s easier than you might think to swing into a better life. Sleeping in a hammock delivers impressive benefits that could revolutionize the way you think about sleep. Insomnia? A thing of the past for many who use hammocks. Aches and pains? Diminished considerably. Increased ability to concentrate? You guessed it, just another benefit regular users of hammocks report feeling.

Outdoor & Patio Ideas March 12, 2018

The Best Furniture for Small Outdoor Spaces

As is the case with cramped interiors, when you’re short on outdoor space, you have to think a little bigger to live large. Whether you’ve got a modest balcony or puny patio, porch or patch of grass, we say let’s rise to the challenge of high style on a smaller scale!

Portable Picks in Small Space Outdoor Furniture


When space comes at a premium, having as much flexibility as possible is a major plus. That’s where mobile outdoor furnitureOpens in a new window comes in. Being able to roll it, fold it, grab it and store it with ease makes small space living that much more livable.

More Form. More Fun-ctional Outdoor Furniture

Making the most of a small space means doubling up on form and function. Need a little inspiration? We’ve got plenty of ideas! Think two-in-one seating options and multipurpose furniture that merges seating with storage…seating with shade…and so on. That way you get everything you need in a smaller footprint.

Make it your cozy little corner of the world. The perfect spot for ice tea for two…or just you. A place to catch your breath while the kids are at school…enjoy a good read on a beautiful day…or sip a glass of wine under the stars. Warm it up with pillows, candles and a few weather-safe home accents to make it all your own.

Think Big Pops of Color

No matter how small, an outdoor living space should be an uplifting place, full of energy and vitality. If you love the idea of high-impact color and low-maintenance care, check out the perks of POLYWOOD outdoor furnitureOpens in a new window.

Even a pint-size POLYWOOD bistro table with stools can be a big hit in a small outdoor area. If it’s just the two of you, a pair of rockers or Adirondack chairs with an end table might be plenty to fill your outdoor space in a cool, colorful way.

Get into the Swing of Small Outdoor Space Living

Just because you’re limited on outdoor real estate doesn’t mean you should spare yourself comfort.
A big trend that works for small spaces: hammocksOpens in a new window.

With a hammock, you can turn your modest outdoor space into a hip, hippie hideaway—and maybe even enjoy some pretty groovy health benefits. Recent studies have revealed that the gentle rocking motion and “zero-pressure point” ergonomics of hammocks can actually help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. After a long, hard day, falling into the cradling comfort of a hammock can be heavenly.

If a hammock isn’t quite your style, maybe rock a glider loveseat or cushioned outdoor swing. Nicely scaled for smaller spaces, they’re perfect for cozying up with a good book—or a special someone.


Less-Is-More Room to Spread Out


Think you can’t swing a sectionalOpens in a new window  in a small outdoor space? You might be surprised. There’s a wide range of options in outdoor sectional sizes. Some L-shape designs strike the perfect compromise between cozy and accommodating. Keep in mind, a cushioned ottoman can work triple time as a table, footrest and additional seating, giving you that much more bang for your buck.

When it comes to outdoor living spaces…the sky’s the limit, even when space is limited.

Outdoor & Patio Ideas February 20, 2018

How to Style One Patio 3 Ways

Who says your outdoor furniture has to remain the same year-round? Switch up the look with accessories for each season, having fun with colors and textures. Don’t be afraid to mix solids with patterns and bring everything together with a stylish rug underfoot. Here’s our take on how to style one patio 3 ways.

Home Decor & Furniture, Outdoor & Patio Ideas February 19, 2018

Inspired Outdoor Living: Create a Poolside Oasis

The heat is on. For those lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard…when are you inviting us over for a swim? Envious as we are, we’re here to share a few bright ideas for transforming your pool area into an outdoor oasis.

Dine al fresco

Dinner’s ready. Why call everyone in when the poolside fun is in full swing? With an easy-elegant outdoor dining table set, you can go with flow in style. Pretty enough for inside, yet durable enough to handle the elements, an outdoor dining setOpens in a new window—especially one crafted of rust-proof aluminum—can provide the perfect compromise. Opt for fast-drying cushions covered in outdoor-safe fabric, and you won’t even mind if your dinner guests come soaking wet.

Set up cozy corner seating

Whether you’re keeping an eye out while the kids are in the pool, or you’re trying to have a grown-up conversation…having a poolside getaway space, complete with cushy chairs and a fire pit tableOpens in a new window can make your pool area feel like an oasis. Set it off with a weather-safe rug, potted plants and candle lanterns for a truly escapist vibe.


Lighten things up, from the ground up

Through the power of light, you can transform your pool area into a magical getaway. Whether you’re looking to create a quiet outdoor retreat or turn your backyard into party central, outdoor string lights are essential. And though we’ve seen them strung over pools, we would never recommend you do that. After all, water and electricity should never, ever mix. Instead, string them safely around dining and lounge areas. More bright ideas for your poolside oasis include solar landscaping lights, candles/flamelessOpens in a new window and outdoor fairy lights that look effortlessly elegant.


Make a splash with a wet bar

Sure to have everyone in good spirits, a poolside wet bar can really make a splash. If you’re looking to turn up the heat on your outdoor entertaining, opt for an outdoor wet bar with a recessed fire bowl. Powered by a propane tank stored in the base, the flame turns on and off with the press of a button. A burner cover allows for more tabletop space. (Tip: Stock up on plastic wine glasses and beer mugs for safer poolside entertaining.)



Be made in the shade

What’s one thing all poolside oases have in common? Welcome respites from the sun. A cantilever umbrellaOpens in a new window, for example, is big enough to provide shade while you’re in the pool and lounging beside it. Just because it’s weighed down with 200+ pounds of sand, doesn’t mean it’s not flexible. Some cantilever umbrellas have an easy slider mechanism that pivots the canopy any way you please. You can rotate it 360 degrees simply by using a foot pedal. Other umbrellas tilt on a demand so as the sun shifts, you can stay put. We happen to love umbrellas with canopies lined with solar-powered LED lights. Talk about day-into-night magic.

Large red umbrella hovered over an outdoor furniture set.

Let your style shine

What’s the most important tip for creating a poolside oasis? Bring out your personality. Decorate your outdoor space with indoor-outdoor accent pieces that speak to you. Make it cozy, colorful and indulgently comfortable with weather-safe throw pillows. Roll out indoor-outdoor rugs that make barefootin’ wonderfully bearable.


There are so many ways to make a splash. We hope you have a blast creating a poolside oasis that suits your lifestyle beautifully.

Our Friends, Outdoor & Patio Ideas December 27, 2017

Outdoor Patio Reveal Styled By Casanova

We are so happy to announce an amazing outdoor patio reveal from our fabulous friend, Nadia! She is YouTube creator of Styled by CasanovaOpens in a new window and she has left us in awe of her design skills. Watch the video of her shopping trip to her local Ashley HomeStore and the beautiful design of her outdoor patio space.

Nadia styled her farmhouse flair outdoor patio space with the Moresdale dining table and the Loughran sectional. Her design features pops of yellow and green plus gold accents. We are in love!


Nadia also created two awesome videos on her Styled By Casanova YouTube channel. Her first collaboration video features an in-depth shopping experience at Ashley HomeStore. She has such a bubbly personality and has fun in everything she does. Check out the video below as she shops for an outdoor sectional, outdoor dining table and accessories.

Her second video shows the delivery of the furniture and two different design styles of the space.

We really enjoyed partnering with Nadia for this outdoor patio reveal!