It’s no secret that even the happiest and healthiest of couples argue. Many topics—like where to eat dinner—are “one and done.” But some—like which mattressto choose—can linger for years. And those who lose the battle are reminded of it every time they toss and turn or awake unrested. Fortunately, mattress manufacturers are making it easier to choose mattresses that both partners love. Start by evaluating the heart of your disagreement and go from there.

Soft vs. firm

Differing comfort levels are by far the number one point of contention. One option is to purchase a twin-size mattress pad to cover only one half of the bed. This can help ensure that you’re both sleeping on a comfortable surface, but will also create a height difference between the two sides of the bed. You could also purchase two twin beds in your preferred comfort levels. No, you don’t have to split them up like Bert and Ernie—push them together to form one king-size bed. Use a single king-size foundation and one fitted sheet and you might not even realize you’re technically on two separate beds.

Neutral colored bed with white comforter in a white room with a nightstand and lamp and a rug.

Tossing and turning all night

If your sleep is disturbed every time your significant other rolls over, memory foam is your friend. It’s by far the best at limiting—sometimes even eliminating—motion transfer.

Tempur pedic mattresses with personal sides to choose the level of comfort for you

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Heat retention is a common complaint among those with memory foam mattresses. The closed cell structure of the foam prevents air flow, causing discomfort for some sleepers. You can mitigate this problem with lightweight linens made of moisture-wicking materials.

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Innerspring vs. foam

If the gist of your argument is that one of you prefers a traditional innerspring mattress and the other longs for an upgraded memory foam model, compromise in the form of a hybrid mattress. It combines the “bounce” of an innerspring with the support of memory foam. It’s a win-win!

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