According to some estimates, raising a child to the age of 18 can cost upwards of $250,000! No wonder the household budget seems so tight. But do you know what doesn’t have to contribute to that sky-high dollar amount? Decorating your child’s bedroom.

With these three easy tips, you can create a bedroom that’s uniquely theirs no matter how their tastes change.

  1. Keep the bedroom furniture neutral.
    He might love that race car bed when he’s three, but what about when he’s 13? Probably not so much. You simply can’t go wrong with clean lines and classic designs that are as in favor now as they will be a decade down the road.

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  2. Swap out accessories.
    Go ahead and let her choose that darling butterfly bedding now since you can inexpensively replace it with a more sophisticated design down the road. Same goes for window treatments, lighting and artwork. All of these items can be updated for only a couple hundred dollars or less.
  3. Change the wall color.
    Painting might not be everyone’s favorite task, but it undoubtedly is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to completely transform a space. Is lime green his absolute favorite color? Go for it! You can always paint over it when his tastes change.

If you happen to have a little left over in the budget, consider adding a few key pieces of furniture. An accent chair or decorative poof offers a comfy spot for reading.

Do you have any ideas for easily—and inexpensively—updating a kid’s room? Tell us below in the comments!