The Triple Threat for the Perfect Home Theater

Dinner and a movie… the quintessential date night. As nice as it is having a night out on the town, sometimes you just want a quiet night in. With the right living room furniture, you just might favor your home theater even more than the movie house. Watch the video below for tips to set up the perfect at home theater.


Here are the three key pieces of furniture to help make your home the ultimate destination for dinner and a movie:

Recline It Out

power recline at home theater

Since movies keep getting longer and longer, comfort has never been more important. What better way to get cozy than with a power reclining sectional? You can position the footrest and chair back at just the right positions for maximum comfort. With the ability to kick up your feet, lean back and sink into plush cushions, that three hour film won’t seem nearly as long. For an authentic theater-style experience, consider a sectional with built-in cup holders. Now that’s handy!

Lift-Top Coffee Table

lift top coffee table

Gone (finally) are the days of the unsightly TV dinner tray. In its place is one of the most innovative pieces of living room furniture to date: the lift-top coffee table. As its name suggests, the table’s top lifts upward, allowing you to dine from the comfort of your sofa. The addition of casters allows you to easily pull the table in close. It’s simply ingenious!

Entertainment Center

Black entertainment center staged with home decor pieces with drawers along the bottom in a room with a rug and a pouf

It might go without saying, but every home theater needs an entertainment center. Some units offer cabinet doors with the option of speaker cloth inserts, allowing for an authentic surround sound experience while disguising unattractive speakers. The ultimate entertainment center will provide plenty of nooks and shelves for Blu-ray players, video game consoles and all of your other gadgets and gizmos.

Feast and Flick

Once you have your home theater set up, it’s time for the fun part: picking a main course and a feature film. What would you choose for a cozy night in?