Picture it. You’re sitting on the balcony of a cabin, sipping coffee or tea from your favorite mug, watching and listening to the fire-colored leaves rustle in the wind. Maybe you live here. Maybe you vacation here. Maybe your mind drifts toward this peaceful place when the air becomes crisp.

Now look a little closer, at your cup. Time for a refresher? Maybe you need a thoughtful gift for a loved one. We have a simple and fun DIY marbled drinkware project. Break out your nail polish and a set of white mugs and start crafting.

Before you open anything, make things spill proof. Cover your workspace with several sheets of newspaper or a disposable tablecloth. These mugs are cute, but not cute enough to ruin your beloved dining table!

List of supplies for marble drinkware.

Step 1:

Pour one nail polish color into the water for a few seconds.

Step 2:

Dip the cup into the bowl.

Step 3:

Place the cup on the paper and dab off the excess water. It’s OK if some of the nail polish transfers onto the paper towel.

Step 4:

Set the cup on the newspaper or tablecloth and let dry for a few hours before using.

This is a fun activity for kids and adults, try it during a girls’ night or sleepover. We hope you love how each one turns out a little different.