Chalk it up to changing times. When it comes to playing the host—there’s no need to follow the letter of the law. Today’s dinner parties call for less fuss, less stress and more fun. That’s why we love this idea for DIY monogram place settings. They might be simple, but what a big hit they’ll be with guests!

What You’ll Need:

Supplies laid out on a table for a monogram place setting DIY project

Wood letters. You can pick up the inexpensive, unfinished kind at your local art supply store—or find them at countless online outlets.

Chalkboard paint. We happen to like charcoal black, but you can choose from multiple colors. For added dimension, just paint the tops of the letters and leave the sides natural.

Small paintbrush or a sponge. You might also opt for a foam paint brush to apply the chalkboard paint.

Brightly colored chalk. Take the longer sticks and break them up into smaller, like-size pieces.

Completed monogram place setting DIY project.

Twine. You’ll need it to tie a few pieces of chalk to each chalk-painted letter. Not only will the chalk add a nice pop of color to the monogrammed letter, but your guests can feel free to write their names or doodle on the chalkboard service.

Talk about sending your guests a warm welcome!