Do you have a blank wall, an itch to spice things up, or are you in need of a pop of color? We have the perfect solution and it’s great for any season: A DIY wall-mounted succulent planter!

First things first, determine the area in which you’d like to have your hanging succulent planter. Then measure that area to determine your plywood & slats sizes. Once you’ve figured this out it’s time to gather all of the necessary supplies.

Check out the video below for a behind the scenes look at the full project!

Wall Mounted Planter Materials:

Supply List- (1)

Faux Succulent Pot Supplies:

  • Six 6-inch terracotta pots
  • Wet or dry florist’s foam to fill the pots
  • Spanish moss
  • Faux or real succulents



    • For this project you can use either kind of succulents.
    • For real plants you will also need cactus soil

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The wall decor would need to be positioned near sunlight. Remember, you must water them from time to time so be sure to move the pots to your sink so the water won’t harm what’s directly beneath the planter.

Once you have all of your materials, it’s time to get this project started!

  • Measure your slats to evenly cover the plywood. If you’re cutting the slats yourself, determine where you’re going to cut.
  • Once you’ve placed your slats on to your plywood and both sides are even (plywood is lining up equally to the slats) it’s time to sand each slat down

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*Note: Sand with the grain

  • Staining: Take a cotton (and only cotton) cloth and apply the stain from side to side to follow the grain. (We did 2-3 coats of stain since ours was an antiqued white.)
  • While the stain is drying (approximately 1 hour) you can work on your succulent pots.
  • Take your dry or wet foam and stand it directly next to your terracotta pot. Cut the foam where the lip of the pot ends (see picture below)
  • Distribute your moss so that it covers all of the foam
  • Place your succulent stems within the foam to ensure stability and your pots are complete!

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If possible grab another person for steps 5-9

  • After your stain has dried take your plywood and place it on the wall to determine where it’s going to hang. Make all measurement marks (P.S. don’t forget to level)
  • It’s time to drill your pilot holes!
  • Take all slats and place them on top of the plywood. Drill your pilot holes for the screws that are going to attach the slats to the plywood (be sure not to go all the way through the plywood). Once all of the pilot holes are completed, drill in your screws (we drilled in a few screws at a time to achieve the best accuracy).
  • Now drill four pilot holes for the 3-inch screws that are going to go into the wall and/ anchors. These need to go through the slats AND the plywood.
  • Place your planter rings onto the slats and mark placement & drill pilot holes.
  • Once you’ve screwed your planter rings into place it’s time to hang! (We’re almost finished!)
  • If you cannot find the studs within your wall:
  • Drill pilot holes into the wall for the anchors
  • With a Philips screwdriver, screw anchors into the wall
  • Carefully align the pilot holes in your wood to the anchors and drill in the screws
  • If you can find the studs within your wall, you can drill straight into the studs. (We recommend 2 screws per stud.)
  • Finally, add your beautiful succulent pots to the rings and voila! Your project is complete!