Have you ever wondered how color trends start? There’s actually a well-thought out process behind it. Every December, Pantone makes its “Color of the Year” announcement—and it isn’t all just hype. The Pantone Color Institute is a world-renowned consulting service that forecasts global color trends and advises companies on the application of color in marketing strategy.  Their year-round research for color of the year is extensive, and their predictions seem to consistently dictate the trends we see in fashion and design.


In 2017 we saw a huge influx of sage green in homes, courtesy of the “life-affirming” shade Greenery. 2016’s “anti-stress” pairing of Rose Quarts and Serenity Bluetriggered the Millennial Pink craze that still lingers today.

According to their most recent verdict, we can expect to see lots of purple in 2018—Ultra Violet to be exact. We’ve curated a list of inspirational ways to integrate this whimsical color into your life—all without breaking the bank, or a sweat.

In the Home…


Purple is a bold choice, which can put some people off. However, adding it to your color scheme really isn’t too tricky. If you have neutral-toned furniture, a throw pillow with a pop of purple is always well received. Our Ashley style fans show us all how it’s done:


And if you asked for our current top picks? The luxuriously shaggy Roxanne Pillowand the dreamy watercolor-inspired Colstrip Pillow make a striking appearance every time.


If you loved the ease of that tip, you’ll love this one just as much. Throw blankets are an easy accessory, and the special thing about them is that they’re style on-the-go. Drape one over your bedspread, use it to cozy up on the sofa or take it with you while traveling. The Anitra Throw in particular impresses us with its deep, plum color and jacquard-woven texture.

To tie the room together, we suggest a splash of color on the walls. There’s no need to go overboard by painting the entire room purple—sometimes simple can be the most stunning. Try out the idea of a single accent wall in your favorite shade of purple, or use tape to create a simple design, like chic stripes over a white wall.

Finish it all off with a scented candle or flowers. Not only are they aesthetically appealing—they’re also aromatically pleasing. Create a tranquil experience in your home by setting a lavender-scented candle or a vase filled with fresh lilacs on your coffee table.


At the Workplace…


You can be a source of style inspiration everywhere you go—including your workplace. Whether you sit or stand at your desk, purple coasters for your coffee mug are the perfect way to tie in the purple color scheme without going overboard. And a sleek, reusable water bottle will keep you on track for any health-related goals you may have.

As much as you inspire others with your fashion-forward ways, add a little decor accent that can inspire you during the mid-day slump. Fresh flowers aren’t always doable inside an office, but brightly colored faux flowers will do the trick. Arrange them in a neutral colored container, like the Dilanne Vase for a picture-perfect finish.

And Your Wardrobe…

Integrating purple into your personal style doesn’t need to be pricey. Beauty products, like purple nail polish or lipstick, are affordable ways to get that trendy, upscale touch. It’s amazing what a simple swipe of lipstick can do for a look—and your confidence. So if you find yourself taking extra time striking a pose in the mirror, we’re right on board with you.

Experimental make-up isn’t everyone’s thing, but there are still other inexpensive ways you can dress up with this regal color. Accessories in a bold pop of color are always a good idea. Choices like the classic pump and a posh scarf are smart, stylish options for a wardrobe refresh in the new year.

Are you on board with embracing purple this new year? We’d love to see how you incorporate it. Make sure to snap a photo and tag #MyAshleyHome to spread the inspiration.