Find the perfect rug based on your personality. Let’s find out who you are… not that you didn’t already know, but just stick with us for a moment as we explore various style offerings to find the one that best suits your future rug needs.

Contemporary Connoisseur

You’re a risk-taker and an influencer. Out of everyone in your group, you’re usually the first one to know about the biggest trends. Your home is an ever-evolving playground with the latest patterns and textures in rug design.

Traditional Tastemaker

You’re a classic type of person. Timeless design and color are right up your alley. You value decor that can last throughout the ages. Quality is just as important as style in your world.

Bohemian Believer

You’re a free spirit. Tribal and Moroccan-inspired patterns give you inspiration. Your living space is a jungle of varying textures and pops of bright hues. A faux fur rug in an exotic shape may even find its way into your home.

Farmhouse Fancier

Your rustic home is as humble as you are. It’s filled with all of the neutral and muted tints your heart desires. You’re probably even obsessed with shiplap. As for your style underfoot, you favor simple design that lends a vintage feel.

Ultra Urbanologist

You’re a true downtown dweller inspired by the gritty, raw elements of the city’s architecture. You love bringing the outdoors into your urban industrial home. Your rug style is a reflection of that. It’s all about washed effects and dark, earthy tones.

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