Whether you have a dog or a cat, we all want to make our furry family members feel right at home. But how can we better integrate them—and their copious amounts of stuff—into our home rather than just give them a dedicated corner of a random room? We’ve got some fun, simple and awesome furniture hacks that will make your place their place, too. 

Feline Friendly Bookshelf


Pets have lots of energy. Which means they’ve got tons of toys. Which means they get scattered all over the place and you’re constantly picking them up. So instead of buying yet another bin or basket for the floor, just use a bookshelf, which can easily double as a cat’s home turf. Just make sure the bookshelf is secured so your kids and pets can’t topple it over. The top half is perfect for your décor while the bottom half can be filled with toys and a bed for catnaps. 

Keep Fido’s Toys and Bed Tucked Away


Do your kids want the pup to sleep and play in their room? Rethink how you use their trundle bed! Instead of another mattress down below, put in your pooch’s bed and surround it with cushioning to cover the slats. Does the trundle have small drawers as well? It’s the perfect spot to store your dog’s toys, leashes and brushes. Now the kids are happy, and you’ve managed to contain all the dog “stuff” in one place.

Scratching Pole Desk



Cats need to scratch. And they just love doing it on your favorite upholstered furniture. So you can either go out and buy an unsightly scratching post that doesn’t match your style, or you can get creative. By wrapping a leg of your desk with twine or rope, you’ll can create a scratching post for your cat while giving him a reason to visit you during office hours. Just secure the rope on the back of the leg (use a small tack for wood or a small bead of super glue for metal) then wrap the length of the rope around, securing the other end at the top like you did at the bottom.