These days, you can’t turn on the TV without stumbling upon a show about home makeovers. Sure, the homes end up looking beautiful, but at what price? Too often it’s beyond the budget of the average person.

Or you find yourself in a temporary space. Whether you have just moved into your college dorm or you are in a rental apartment, you can’t change the space to fit your style. That’s where simply accessorizing your home can provide you with the look of a makeover, for less. Here are four easy tips for doing it right!

1. Pillows Aplenty

Bring an instant pop of color, texture and coziness to a room with pillows! Pile them onto a bed, space them out on a sofa or simply place them on an accent chair. Pillows are not only versatile, they’re incredibly affordable and they give any room in the house a quick new look.

2. Go Over the (Table) Top

Many of us are more concerned with preparing food to put on the table than what the tablescape looks like. Fact is, every tabletop is an opportunity to add personality to a dinner table or dining space. So make a statement with a stack of thick art books, bring the outside in with a few potted plants or just fill a beautiful

3. Celebrate the Seasons

Bring the seasons into your home’s decor scenery. Take the enjoyment of spending Spring, Summer and Fall outside of your home and use it to inspire your interior! By colorizing according to the time of year, and even the temperature, you can show your true love of the seasons. Introduce pastels during Spring, darker hues during colder months and bright, beachy tones during Summer.

4. Pouf Perfection

Poufs add a similar decor element as pillows, but have more prominence in a space. They come in a host of hues and patterns to match your style, from under-stated to eye-catching.

So the next time you find yourself day-dreaming of your perfect makeover, remember a manageable option to redecorating your space with accessories! Add decor elements to your space is not only fun and less expensive, you can do it all year round. Check out three different styles. Share your accessorizing additions to your home with #MyAshleyHome and the chance to be featured on our feed! You can also find more decorating tips on our Pinterest boards.