As you can tell by her Instagram username, “PreppyBohemianAtHome”, for Amber Shirley, boho is the only way to go – even in her son, Rylan’s bedroom. But she discovered that creating a “fashionable” boy’s room can be a tricky task when it’s video games and sports that take top priority for him. Thankfully her little man’s lack of interest in a stylish room couldn’t stop her from creating a space that’s infused with boho chic, yet still meets his demands for fun.

Where To Begin

Amber is the boho style guru with many ideas up her sleeve. She wanted to make sure that her son’s room retained all the elements he loved, like a place to watch TV and play video games. Her goal? Add style that he can learn to appreciate as he grows older, storage for games and toys, and functional elements that will make his room better than before.

The Lounge Area

Rylan has quite a large room with plenty of space for fun with friends. The old futon was not cutting it, so Amber upgraded it with the Andora Coil Futon This boho blue dream adds so much color and life to the space. Add the Jaxith rug and voila, this dreary space becomes a rad pad.

The Game Area

Little boys (and girls) these days can’t live without their game stations and personal stash of stuff. Facing an ever-expanding inventory of board games and toys, Amber chose to keep them all and store them in style. Who knew a King Kong action figure and tractor toys could look so good! Adding the Horizons area rug instantly makes the room look even larger.

Bedtime = Best Time

Amber knows that whatever extras a bedroom provides, its main purpose is to ensure her son gets the rest he needs every night. The Trinell nightstand provides just enough space for all his nighttime essentials. Top it off with colorful thows and pillows on the bed, and this bedroom is fit for a king – or, a prince, as the case may be.

Well that you have it, a boho boy’s bedroom done right. As Amber proves, there’s always a way to add a touch of your style into your kids rooms. For more bohemian home inspiration, check out her blog The Preppy Bohemian At Home