Here at Ashley HomeStore, we encourage people to create spaces in their home that represents their personality. During our collaboration with Brittany Cavaco, we decided to sit down with the professional ballerina to discover more information about her style. We helped Cavaco bridge her love of plants and her eye for eclectic interior design. Her master bedroom is now an eclectic mix of all her points of inspiration. We can’t wait to share our collaboration!

Do you get décor inspiration from trends, people, or online?

BC: “I tend to get my home decor inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest. It’s so inspiring to see a room with similar furniture look vastly different due to how it was styled or the decor. I think my home decor style has become more bold after being inspired by all that I have seen via social media.”

How would you describe your décor style?

BC: “I would describe my home decor style as a mix between, modern, art decor and bohemian. My color pallet in my home has a lot of whites, blues and bronzes and I have a lot of plants and flowers!”

Do you have any interior design tips?

BC: “Don’t be afraid to use colors in your decor! Subtle pops of color can really enhance a room. Also, you can never have enough plants.”

What is your favorite room in the house?

BC: “My favorite room in my house is probably my bedroom. My bedroom is such a beautiful, serene and comforting space. The walls are decorated with plants and framed love notes from my boyfriend and I. Our ceiling has a beautiful chandelier hanging and the room has so much natural light! Everything in our room is from Ashley HomeStore.”

What does your home mean to you?

BC: “My home to me is one of my favorite places.  I have worked really hard to make my new apartment an enjoyable place that I look forward to spending time in and coming home to. My boyfriend and I both work frequently from home so we wanted our home to be a really special, comfortable and motivating place. I love that when I am in my home I get rid of all the outside stresses and never want to leave!”

What makes a house feel like a home for you?

BC: “Home to me means a place where you feel the most at peace and the most comfortable.  I have moved around a lot and can adjust quickly to living in new locations as long as I make the space I am living in a comforting environment. Home is the place I crave to go to after a long day’s work, it’s the place where I am happiest and where so many of my memories are made.”

You can see more views of Cavaco’s space by following her on Instagram. She chronicles her adventures, career and home life through the lens of a professional ballerina. Are you inspired by Cavaco’s bedroom makeover? Check out our Pinterest for more beautiful rooms to dance over. Let us know what inspires you to create your dream space!