2017 is an exceptional year for home decor and fashion trends. One major trend that stood out to us is interior color stories. Whether you are painting your entire home or just one room, we have you covered from wall to wall. Here’s a glimpse of this year’s powerful colors with accessories to add.

First up is the oh-so popular, navy blue

Navy is the new black. Its tonal depths are full of wonderment. It’s also quite easy to brighten up this bold shade with brass or gold. Your guests will be captivated by the brilliant pairing.

Next up: aqua and gray

Painting a wall gray may be scary at first, but trust us when we say, you will not regret it. These color combinations are inspired by mermaid musings. The soothing Caribbean blue and sandy hues balance each other out to create a space you’ll never want to bubble out of.

Last but not least, tan and white

These two very similar hues work together to create a space like no other. The bright and light palette works well year round and embues smaller spaces with a sense of increased scale.

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