My name is Jenny Caspers and I live in a suburb of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I left my office job to become a stay at home mom when I had my daughter. Nearly two years later, I decided I wanted to do something creative, hopefully for a living. That’s when I created my Instagram page @acleanprismlife and started taking photos of my home. 

An photograph of jenny caspers on her ashley furniture sofa with a pillow and farmhouse decor surrounding her.

I had never used a camera before, but I found myself loving the process of styling something, photographing it, editing it to my standards and ultimately putting it out to the world. It was so rewarding! I came up with the name “A Clean Prism Life” based on my love of keeping things clean and fresh, and reflecting that like a prism in all aspects of my life and outwards for others.

Little by little, my confidence grew. I participated in “decor hashtag games” where photos “win contests” on Instagram and are featured. Pretty soon my photos were being noticed by businesses, like Ashley Home Store, whose decor items I featured in my photos. What an honor!

Through this experience, I have met an overwhelming amount of incredible people in the decor community and it has changed my life dramatically to be a part of such an amazing network. It has inspired me to keep growing and coming up with new ideas.

My website acleanprismlife.comis where I feature a portfolio of my work and offer services like Interior Decorating, Product Photography & Product Promotion, and Photo Editing. I have become much more involved on Instagram and am a Program Director for Decor Newbies Unite, a four week Instagram training course my friend Kelly @homewithkellyand I created that teaches people how to organically and effectively grow their accounts, get better exposure, network and more. I also teach a photo editing class and provide mentoring on Instagram as well. I am very passionate about helping others gain the confidence to pursue what they are wanting to do.

A photograph of jennys cat sprawled out on a console table with farmhouse mason jars behind the cat.

My style is a mix of Modern and Modern Farmhouse – I gravitate towards white, black, blue, wood, greenery, clean lines, bold statements, and general simplicity. I believe in mixing the old with the new – keeping items we hold near and dear to our hearts, and displaying them in a thoughtful way while maintaining balance in a room. My goal is to create spaces that are ultimately serene, welcoming, and interesting to the eye. Some of my favorite designers are Nate Berkus and Studio McGee. Check out my curated collection with Ashley HomeStore.
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I love being creative and am open to and excited about opportunities to do all kinds of work within the decor realm. I am thankful I decided to take that first photo – it was the start of this wonderful journey that continues to inspire and challenge me. 

It has been such a wonderful experience to upgrade my home using Ashley furniture! Make sure you check out the full home decor collaborationOpens in a new window and