Ashley HomeStore style influencer and artist/blogger, Robin Long (aka, Coastal Crafty Mama) is short on patience. She’ll be the first to admit that. Robin will update a room and within a few months be ready for something new.

But when it came to sprucing up the bedrooms for her three children (Ella, 6, Wesley, 4, and Grayson, 21 months), Robin was determined to think long term—establishing looks that her kids can appreciate today and tomorrow. Rather than go overboard with “theme-focused” kids rooms, Robin chose to focus on finishing touches to create chic, cozy retreats kids of any age would be proud to call their own.

Transforming a Room Through Accessories—and Some Vision

Robin proves you don’t have to change everything to totally transform a space. The clean-lined, timeless furniture she had stayed in place. (In her daughter’s room: the Bostwick Shoals twin panel bed. In her sons’ room: a pair of Trinellpanel beds.) Admittedly, Grayson isn’t quite ready for a big boy bed, but he will be before you know it.

For these room makeovers, it was all about the accessories, baby.

A Girl’s Room Dream Makeover

The goal for Ella’s room: a sweet, girly sanctuary. A place where a little lady with two younger brothers can feel free to escape. Something decidedly feminine, effortlessly stylish and just for her. The classic white furniture and soft, muted colors already in place were a great starting point. And the adorable reading nook tent was already a big hit with her daughter. Robin just wanted to make it that much cozier.

Accessorized from Head to Toe

Robin was floored when she discovered how affordable custom wallpaper could be. She didn’t need much of it: just enough for an accent wall. The rose wallpaper she found was the perfect feminine touch to pull together the room’s pastel color scheme (of mint green, light pink and white).

Knowing that making a dreamy bed is all in the layering, Robin combined a white ruffled duvet she had in storage with a new pink puckered comforter set for that much more texture and interest. (Tip: For a lovely layered effect, fold an accent duvet in half and place at the foot of the bed.)

Robin further indulged her obsession with texture by adding a dreamy pouf and pillow in white. Talk about fuzzy and fabulous. What’s a little lady’s room without a touch of shimmer and sheen? Goldtone touches (captured in the artwork and table lamp) brought just enough sass to the scene. And the ta-da piece: a crystal drop chandelierthat’s delightfully elegant for girls of any age.

Sporting a soft and subtle shade of beige and an understated lattice pattern, the ultra-neutral wool area rug marries the pink, green, white and goldtone palette quite nicely. Placed over the existing beige carpeting, it adds a cozy layer of interest.

 Let’s Hear It for the Boys’ Room Makeover

With the boys bunking together, Robin went the distance to make their shared space really cool and unique. She opted for twin beds rather than a bunk bed to provide the boys with a sense of ownership and establish the personal boundaries they’ll need as they get older.

Touches like a shiplap accent wall (which you can also get in the form of wallpaper) along with rustic-feel furniture have that rough-and-tumble vibe that’s great for a boy’s room.

To accommodate the boys’ maturing tastes, Robin kept the “dark neutral” palette she had established and very much loved. With a few pops of color, some added texture and a few open-and-airy accents, a modern rustic look with retro flair was born.

Finding the right lighting was a big element in this room makeover. The table lamp and floor lamp delight by taking minimalism to the max. And the choice of a spectacular sputnik chandelier? A little out there, but it works.

Commingling cool tones of charcoal, metallic gray, black, navy and aqua blue with a zing of orange, Robin’s palette might be sophisticated, but it’s still kid friendly. Outfitting the beds with matching twin comforter sets, she played off the fabric colors by adding throw pillows with faux fur and nubby naps. A wool area rug and textural pouf in charcoal not only add coziness but also pick up the gray tones in the driftwood-y furniture.

A strapping accent mirror with leather strap hanger and distressed metal wall clock add to the retro element.

If you’re considering a kids room makeover, think of all you can do with the magic of accessories. Before you buy, like Robin, you might want to give a vision board a try. Check out more inspiration from Robin on her Instagram at @CoastalCraftyMama