We’re always looking for the next great DIY project, and today we’re here to tell you about our new obsession: macramé planters. They’re retro, fun and will add a bohemian vibe to your home. What’s knot to love?

Bonus: they’re a great craft to do with the kids or the next time you need a creative outlet.

You don’t have to follow our instructions to a T. Half the fun is making this your own. For example, you can use different vessels for your macramé planter, add rocks instead of sand, try a candle, mix and match your rope or cord and experiment with color! Don’t be afraid to go big and bold here. This project is all about what inspires you and the look you hope to achieve for your indoor or outdoor space.

Here’s what we used:

supplies and materials used to create a macrame plant hanger

  • 70 ounces of sand
  • 6″ glass bowl
  • Greenery/plants
  • Rope
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Here’s how we did it:

-Cut rope or craft cord into 4 equal pieces.  (Each of ours was 65″ in length.)

– Hold all the cords together and fold in half.

tow hands holding 4 cut strings that are folded in half

– A few inches below the fold, tie a knot and pull tight.

two hands holding a rope with a knot at the top

– Hang the rope on a door knob or have a friend hold the knot.

-Take 2 cords and tie a knot and then another and another and another (you should have a total of 4 such knots). Make sure all the knots line up and aren’t too close to aren’t too close to the main knot at the top.

– Now take a string below one knot and tie it to an adjacent string from another knot so that “V” shapes are formed. Repeat so you have a total of 4 knots (repeat so you add 4 more knots.)

Macrame ropes with 4 knots on them

– Test out your bowl to make sure it will fit nice and snug into the macramé planter.

– Once you know it fits, add one final knot with all the cords at the bottom of the hanger.

– Find a place to hang up your macramé masterpiece!

Finished macrame plant hanger with a plant inside a glass bowl hanging from the finished rope hanging.

Have you been inspired lately by a craft project? We want to hear from you. Share with us in the comments below.