How to Create a Stunning Focal Point in Any Room

Whether you’d like to accentuate a unique architectural feature in your home, or draw the eye to a prized piece of artwork, the result can be striking. But where to begin? 

Some things to keep in mind when it comes to accent walls:

Find inspiration. If you’re having trouble deciding on a color for your accent wall, find something in the room for inspiration. A color from a pillow, throw rug, vase or your favorite artwork can be a good starting point. Once you’ve chosen the color, decide if it “plays well” with the main wall color in the room. 


Know where and how to use it. The accent wall is usually the first wall you see when entering a room. For example, a wall with a fireplace is typically a great spot to accentuate. 


Dare to be bold. If you love bold, colorful shades but fear they’re too overpowering for a living room, move that thought to the  family room, dining room or kitchen. Kids’ rooms are the perfect location for one colorful accent wall, since popular children’s colors like pinks, purples, dark blues and reds can be overwhelming on every wall. If bold isn’t your thing, try using a deeper version of your existing paint for your accent wall. Sometimes, that’s just enough to mix things up and add interest. 

It ain’t just about paint. Accenting a wall with wallpaper is another way to add drama to your space. It works best on a solid, window-free wall. Tile accent walls in the kitchen or bath allow you to customize designs and patterns, creating a real sense of personalization.

The good thing about an accent wall is… if you don’t like it, you can start again. Don’t be afraid to experiment.