When YouTube’s favorite newlyweds, Marcus + Kristin, bought a home in need of a little TLC, who do you think they turned to? Why, Ashley HomeStore, of course! With a home office crying for some creative design and an outdoor patio begging for definition, they welcomed our help.

First up – Marcus’s guest house, AKA, his new office space.

Marcus is an aspiring actor, musician and filmmaker – you could say he is a triple threat. He loves his detached office, or, as he has referred to it, his man cave. Because he’s so involved with the arts, we wanted to give him a space with just the right furniture and accessories to help him express his creativity. Check out the full video of their office reveal and outdoor space below:

Marcus loves the modern simplicity of the Zardoni sofafrom Ashley HomeStore, and we added Starmore bookcases with open shelving to show off all his camera gear and prized possessions. Another focal point of the room is the sleek and functional Lobink office desk. Once we all assembled the large items, we got busy working our design magic…and the results are amazing! On point accessories and wall decor really make the room pop.

We are beyond happy that we could help Marcus and Kristin design such a functional and comfortable office space.

With the home office complete, we turned our attention to the next project – transforming their patio.

Marcus and Kristin love the outdoors – though perhaps not as much as their dogs, Camper and Honey. How exciting to give all four of them an outdoor space where they can relax, entertain and play.

First up: clearing the deck to get a good idea of the space available. Then, we added the Facet Marquise rug and Hatchlands park benches. With that great foundation in place, all it took was a few colorful pillows and poufs to turn their patio into a true outdoor oasis.

We loved spending time with Marcus + Kristin, their energy is infectious and we couldn’t be happier to give them a space to enjoy and grow in. Shop all of their favorites on the Marcus + Kristin curated store.

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