Are you stuck in the dark ages because you haven’t found the right accent lighting for your home? Don’t wait any longer. Something as simple as a new lamp can change a room’s dynamic, not to mention give you the light you need. Keep reading and get illuminated about how to bring home the modern lighting you crave.

Sleek, Geometric Shapes

Express admiration for contemporary lighting by accenting the room with a geometric table lamp. From rectangles to circles, you’ll have the power to make quite an impression. Look for lamps that have geometric patterns, too. These patterns give your room dimension and a look that’s sleek and simple.

geometric table lamp with gold designs on it.

Round geometric lamp with gold designs on it.

Overarching Style

Want to create a look that’s over the top? Make a sweeping statement with an arc floor lamp that delivers the light you need from above, whether it be over a sofa or table. You’ll love its functionality, too. Easily position it where you see fit.

polished chrome arc floor lamp with white drum shade

Black Finished Metal Arc Lamp

Industrial Lighting

Step back in time to a popular look that reflects a bygone era. Look for industrial farmhouse lighting made of metal, featuring characteristics like pulley systems, caged shades, jar shades and rivets, just to mention a few. Add Edison-style bulbs to heighten the cool look. You may also soften the glare using frosted bulbs for ambient lighting.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finished Metal Desk Lamp

The simple styling and plush comfort of the Bremond set make it perfect for a contemporary look and cozy feel

Dark brown night stand with an industrial lamp on top.

Tripod-Style Floor Lamps

Lights, camera, action! Bring the feel of old Hollywood to any room in a modern way by adding a tripod floor lamp. Enjoy the flexibility of a nostalgic spotlight floor lamp. Some floor lamps can be adjusted to beam the light wherever it’s needed,, which is great for focusing attention on the room’s focal points. Other tripod lights have shades and provide a decidedly contemporary vibe.

industrial inspired metal floor lamps in tripod and triple arc styles

Silver tripod pendant light with spotlight functionality.

Chic Black and Brass

Elegance and modern lighting design can go hand in hand. Introduce a dynamic twist of style in any room with table lamps dressed in black and brass. This highly sought after look is captivating and maintains a balance between the two finishes for an elegant feel. Chic aesthetics rule the scene.

Blog and gold modern table lamp with clean lines.

Bras table lamp with spotlight functionality.

Spotlight Task Lamps

Even though there’s work to be done, task lighting can still be stylish. What more can you ask for when it comes to having good light for getting things done? These flood lights center the light beams where you need them most. Some shades can be tilted to where your focus needs to be.

Silver and glass spotlight table lamp.

Brass and glass spotlight table lamp on top of a desk.

Contrasting Shapes

Create an eye-catching scene with pendant lights that have contrasting shapes. Mix lamps that have boxier shapes with those that are rounded and you’re sure to grab attention. Stagger the drop of these lamps to create visual interest.

black and gold metal pendant light

black hourglass contemporary table lamp

Modern Minimalism

Look for lamps with clean lines and pared-down design elements to introduce a modern feel to your room. Minimalist lighting features simple yet stunning design and state-of-the-art style that makes a big impact.

Modern minimalist silver lamp with geometric shaping.

Gold modern minimalist lamp with geometric shaping.

Exposed Bulb Pendant Lighting

Uncover a simple modern yet timelessly appealing element as you hang pendants with exposed bulbs. Edison bulbs in a sputnik-style pendant oozes modern appeal. The impressive versatility of these lights gives you room to be as creative as you want. Hang single lights in a row for an orderly look. These lights can be hung in an artful arrangement or used for space fillers. Glass shaded bulbs provide a smoother look.

Black exposed bulb pendant light

3 Glass pendant lights with exposed bulbs.

Statement Chandeliers

Express yourself through your choice of chandelier lighting. Look for specific features that play to the things you enjoy in life. If you love nature, express it with a modern statement chandelier that incorporates natural elements. Enjoy peaceful evenings by the candlelight? Search for chandeliers that incorporate candles.

Brown rustic chandelier

No matter what kind of lighting you may be searching for, there is indeed a lighting fixture for every room, not sure how to find the right one? This guide, Bright Ideas: Lighting for Every Room, will certainly inspire you.