Most of us have heard the phrase, “What’s in your wallet?” Today, we want to ask, “What’s in your oatmeal?” Instant oatmeal is one of the fastest and easiest meals to make every day. The bad news? It’s not always the healthiest choice. It can be loaded with sugar, artificial flavors and other not-so-body-friendly ingredients. Homemade meals are typically much healthier because we can control what goes in them. In the spirit of American Heart Month and heart-healthy foods, here are some of our favorite homemade uses of oats.


Mixing steel cut or rolled oats with milk or water for warm oatmeal is super delicious with natural fruit toppings. Add a little cinnamon and honey for a sweeter taste.


Baking oatmeal cookies at home can be a healthy alternative to purchasing them in-store. Instead of sugar, sweeten the cookie mix with honey, vanilla and cinnamon. You can even throw in some raisins or dark chocolate chips to help satisfy your sweet tooth.


Mix ground oats with honey for a natural facial exfoliate. Feel good from the inside out.

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