The holidays are a time to give thanks, spend time with family and friends and eat your favorite holiday treats. But sometimes we forget the tiniest and fluffiest members of the family: our pets. This year we encourage you to get in touch with your crafty nature and create some toys your cat (and maybe Fido) will love.

Here’s how to get started on all your kitten caboodle.

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The cat wand is fast becoming the kitty craze of the season and will keep you and your cat entertained for days.


-Fabric Tape


-Super Glue


-Fabric or Felt




Step one: Using your scissors, cut mutiple strips of fabric. The more the merrier for kitty!


Step two: Layer the strips on top of one another at various angles and lay the tip of the stick on the strips.

cat_8 (1 of 1)_resize

Step three: Roll the strips around the stick and use the fabric tape to attach the strands.

cat_9 (1 of 1)_resize

Step four: Finally, attach feathers to the ends of a few strips using the super glue.


cat_11 (1 of 1)_resize

The kitty cat wonder ball is easy to make and costs $0.


-Empty toilet paper roll


-Markers or colored pencils

-Cat treats



Step one: Flatten the toilet roll and cut strips about finger width.


Step two: Layer the strips into one another creating a ball shape.

Step three: Add designs to your kitty treat wonder ball using felt-tip markers.


Step four: Slip your cat’s favorite treats into the center of the ball.


Your cats won’t be able to take their paws off these toys.

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