According to the experts at Pantone, we’re all set for a new season of color. See how we’ve integrated some of their latest shades into our lineup.

Dive into Deeper Blues

What a beautiful time to ease into cooler temps by shifting from bright blues to calmer hues. Take Pantone’s Riverside, the look is strong yet sultry, chic and so soothing.

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Get Down to Earth

Talk about setting a cozy mood. Pantone’s Warm Taupe is hearty and organic, an easy-to-please foundation neutral that grounds a space with a sense of earthy elegance.

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Rethink Pink

Livelier pinks were more than welcome in the spring and summer. Fall and winter call for something more subdued like Pantone’s Dusty Cedar. Striking just the right blend of warm pink and reddish-orange, it falls in perfectly within this colorful mix.

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Let Yourself Go Gray

Can a color be equal parts bold and warm? If you’re as sophisticated as Pantone’s Wild Dove, yes you can. A wonderfully complex color, it’s vibrant and dynamic, warm and welcoming