Is it time to design or spruce up your home office? Whether you work from home or just need a dedicated space to pay your bills, your home office deserves the same amount of care as the rest of your house or apartment. We’ve curated some up-to-the-moment tips to make refreshing your at-home workspace a piece of cake. 


Think Color

Remember when offices were boring and brown? No more! Whether you choose to go bold or settle on something a little safer but no less stylish, an office with color livens up the work day. Just throwing this out there – blue hues bring peace and calm to your environment – even if you’re staring at a hefty to-do list or bill pile.


Tip: Sure, it may be your office and office means “work,” but don’t forget to add personal touches to make your space your own. Family photos, colorful pillows and favorite memorabilia go a long way toward adding that personal touch.

Budget Busters

Who says a great office requires a large monetary investment? Before you head out to the store, consider shopping in your own home. Need a desk chair? A dining room side chair might do nicely. Need storage space for files? Forget the cabinet and use deep baskets. For a personal touch add a colorful throw or hang a statement mirror on the wall. Break the rules and have fun.


TIP: Lamp sets are a great way to get a lot of lighting options in one fell swoop. A word of caution: placing all the lamps in one room can result in a “cookie-cutter” look. Instead, break them up and use them in different rooms. Also, floor lamps are great in an office for ambient light; choose a complementary desk lamp for task lighting.

Executive Suite

When working from home is serious business, choose a desk with enough surface area for laptops, office supplies and ample writing space, and enough drawer space to keep the surface area tidy. A bookcase with adjustable shelves provides the space you need to store research, files, books and anything else that contributes to the bottom line. And don’t forget the executive office chair so you can steer your enterprise in stylish comfort.


TIP: Even if work is serious business, a few personal touches will add warmth to your office. Add a little nature – think ferns, floor plants or live orchids – to make your office a little less sterile.

Space Savers

Gone are the days when a home office requires a dedicated room. Today’s technology means any spare corner can be outfitted into a stylish and functional workspace. Smaller scale pieces are attractive and functional. A drop-front desk provides ample workspace, yet lets you keep clutter out of sight when the work day is done.



If minimalism is your thing, creating a sleek home office is a piece of cake. Choose a desk with clean lines and hidden storage so you can tuck away office supplies. Minimalism requires few accessories, but adding a personal touch, like a colorful guest chair draped with a warm throw, can make your office space feel more cozy.


TIP: When setting up your office, consider desk placement carefully. If you have the luxury, position your desk in front of a window to take advantage of natural light and an ever-changing view.

Industrial Appeal

Technology has changed the landscape of the modern office, but you can still harken back to times gone by with an industrial age inspired design. Masculine, functional and utilitarian, this office is updated with pieces that are as attractive as they are practical. Wood and metal blend well for a modern look that spells success.


Tip: While technology makes our lives easier, all the wires required to stay plugged in and online can create an eyesore. If possible, position your desk close to outlets to make plugging in a breeze. If that’s not possible, bundle cords using a cable sleeve or cable ties and mount them under the desk.