If you’ve been feeling sluggish or just out of whack it may be time to get some new energy flowing in your home. Refreshing your space doesn’t have to equate to a full room renovation, instead it can be found in the subtle changes that help shift your perspective to a fresh view on the place you call home.

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Here are a few tips that will help revitalize your home.

Open Up

Some of the simplest ways to create new energy in your space are to open windows and circulate fresh air through your space. Pull back those curtains and open the blinds to get those natural rays from the sun flowing in, letting nature do its job. These steps will air out any dormant scents or energy that you want to eliminate in your home.

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Light candles or incense in your favorite fragrances or seasonal aromas

Creating the right ambiance through our sense of smell can fill you and your home with positive energy, and there’s nothing like opening the door after a long day of work to the smell of delicious aromas floating around the room.

Get or make a Zen garden

We love miniature dry landscape gardens. They make any space a little more interesting and raking the sand in them is said to help calm your mind and ease stress.

Add some greenery

Whether you want to cultivate your green thumb or invest in faux greenery, adding plants to your indoor decor is a great way to connect with nature. And with so many choices, you are sure to find something that fits your budget and your lifestyle. Click here to check out our growing collection of faux greenery.

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Rearrange existing furniture

This may sound cliché, but rearranging your furniture can really change how you feel about a space and your mood in general. It doesn’t have to be the entire room but consider changing the placement of a coffee table or floor lamp and see how it affects the flow of energy.

Treat yourself to something new

Once you’ve rearranged your room, you may be tempted to add something new. Adding new pieces to your space after having lived somewhere for awhile brings back that sense of charisma. Check out our amazing decor, you may be inspired to treat yourself!

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Try some yoga or meditation

Take a few minutes out of your day to clear your head in your newly revamped space. If you’ve never meditated before it’s best to make it short and sweet, no need to overwhelm yourself. Just close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly and deeply through the nose for a few minutes.



Above all, these tips are meant to help you achieve a sense of balance and happiness in your home. Do you have any ideas to share? We’d love to hear how you keep the positive energy flowing in your space!