With school in and the kids hitting the books, you’ll be asking, “Do you have homework?” If they do, you’ll need a game plan for after school studying. Here are some tips on how to get started on a homework station that fulfills your kids’ needs.

Pick the Right Spot


Choose a location in the home for work and study. It needs to be a quiet escape. Ideally, it could be their room, but a den, basement office, attic office or even a secluded kitchen nook all can serve the purpose handily. Ask your kids what their ideas of a perfect homework station are and incorporate as many of them as possible. This will help get their buy-in so they’ll use it more often. Include favorite colors and posters, as well as educational items like maps, globes, books, art supplies, computers, printers, chalkboards/dry erase boards and calendars.

Get it Together for Comfort

Bedroom Desk

Clean up the clutter. Remove toys and items they’ve outgrown. Paint the study area their favorite color. Up comfort levels by putting down an area rug. Get cushiony chairs with ergonomic features. An afghan rack with throws is another great idea, so they can keep warm during long winter nights. Lighting is very important, too. Use floor lamps, pendant lights and desk lamps to illuminate the area. These help prevent eyestrain and headaches.

Furnish it

Bedroom Desk

Set the scene with a desk. The bigger the better―kids need lots of room to work. Add bookshelves, file cabinets and storage bins for keeping all supplies organized and within reach. Decorate the walls. Include a wall clock, decorative canvas prints and a corkboard for pinning A+ work, photos and more. You can accent the work surface with a desk clock, photo frame and a favorite souvenir.

What’s Next?


Once the homework station is ready, turn your focus to the next projectan area where you can keep organized. Get a desk and a comfortable chair. Wrap around desks are ideal because they give you more room to work. Don’t forget to get a file cabinet. It’s the perfect spot for keeping important papers and supplies you’ll need to access throughout the school year.