A small family room doesn’t have to be short on style. Here are four simple tips for transforming a small room into a space that is comfortable, space-efficient and stylish.   

Opt for Multifunctional Furniture

When space is at a premium, make every piece of furniture count. Opt for multifunctional pieces like ottomans which can serve as coffee tables, chairs or footrests. Tables with storage bins are also good as they’re great for stowing away remotes, magazines, books and more. 

Choose a Simple Color Scheme

A monochromatic color scheme (light and dark variations of one color) will increase the perceived size of the room. So will painting wall trim the same color as the walls and using drapes the same tone as the paint. Sheer drapes also work well.  

Use Mirrors

Large mirrors reflect light and make small spaces seem larger. This is particularly true of mirrors that run from the floor to the ceiling.  

Place TV Wisely

Large TVs can take up a lot of space, so think carefully about where to place your television. Flat-screen TVs are great as they can be mounted to a wall and don’t require large T.V. stands or media centers. If your TV does require a stand, try placing it in the corner in order to preserve space.    

With a little planning and preparation, even the smallest of rooms can become comfortable spaces. Making the most of your limited space will make your small family room a big hit.