Your bedroom is by far one of the most important rooms in your home. It is the room that describes you best and the place where you spend most of your time. Many times your bedroom will change as you change. Here are 3 style ideas that will add freshness to your favorite room in the house.

The Sorinella Bed 3 Ways

With the right accessories you can bring a fresh new look to your space. Check out these great ideas featuring the Sorinella Bed:

Posted by Ashley HomeStore on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#1: Calm Seas

A bedroom is made for relaxing and sometimes a nautical theme can be overwhelming. Here’s how you can add a calm breeze to a classic nautical style.

Pick your colors

We went with navy blue-it really is the new black. We then added some light grays with a touch of white to create the perfect color scheme.

Find your fabrics

Cozy and relaxing = full of fluff. We chose the plushest pillows for this room. We even added a personal touch by placing our oh so cozy and furry throw blanket on a bench

Add a dash of golden treasure

We showed this by placing 2 brass lamps on the nightstands along with golden ocean-inspired décor.


#2: Marrakesh Medina

Nothing says boho and Moroccan flair than the Marrakesh Medina styled room. This room brings global design to a whole new level. Paying close attention to these details is key to this successful style.

Perfect Patterns

Think tribal and Aztec patterns for this room. Notice how the designs on the pillows make a statement. A plush pouf never hurts.

Braided baskets and wooden art

The rustic Aztec sculpture not only speaks to the Moroccan inspiration of the room but it adds unique character. A braided sea grass basket is great for looks but even better for functionality.

Abstract wall art

In a room filled with so much flair and cultural inspiration it might be easy to forget the wall art…but don’t. Canvas art above the bed ties the room together.


#3: Winter Solstice

Winter solstice is in the air every day in this wonderland. This bedroom is simple, elegant and cozy. It is a perfect fit for anyone wanting a white and whimsical getaway.

Think Whites and Blues

The color scheme in this room was inspired by a peaceful snowfall. The whites and cool blues bring this room to life. You really do feel that you are in the middle of a midwinter phenomenon – winter solstice.

It’s All in the Details

Notice the attention to details in the artwork on the walls. Tree branches covered in snow is pictured above the bed and on the left wall you will see abstract canvas art in soft blues and whites. Are you in a bedroom or the northern woods?

Glitz and Glamour

Glamour goes a long way in this hideaway. Silver accent pieces such as mirrors, lamps, candle holders and vases add vibrancy and glow.