South Florida style is less “Miami Vice,” and more light, bright and comfortable. It’s all about embracing the sunshine and keeping cool in an open and airy space. When decorating your home with Miami style, consider what you’d want to see and feel after a long day at the beach. Dark colors, heavy drapes and rough textures? Or clean, bright, soft and open? That is the trick to bringing the Miami vibe into your home—no matter where you live.

Achieving the look is super simple. Transform your home into a Miami-style casa in just three easy steps:

Wilcot Chair

1. Keep upholstery light and neutral and choose pieces with clean, simple lines. Add subtle pops of soothing colors with pillows, throws and rugs.

Wilcot Ottoman

2. Add a little bit of sparkle with metallic accents. This can be as understated as nailhead trim on an ottoman, or as bold as a brass chandelier. Give the space some subtle shine with satiny pillows and mirrored accents.

Baldrick Wall Art

3. Minimize window coverings to let the natural sunlight in. Go the eclectic route and prop large-scale artwork against windows. Or, choose traditional window coverings but keep the curtains and blinds open during the day. Also position oversized mirrors opposite windows to double the light and reflect it around the room.

With a Miami-chic home, who needs a night on the town? Your casa is the most comfortable place to be.