It’s the season of changing colors, spooky celebrations and fall festivities! Would you like to join the autumnal excitement without turning your home into a haunted house? We are here to help you bring the spirit of fall into your space without having to change your style. Take a look at our Tricks and Treats for Fall decor!

Quick Ways to Add Autumn to Your Color Palette

Use throw blankets to bring in the warm tones of fall into your home. These small additions can be easily added and stored away once the chilly seasons have come and gone.

To add dimension to your space, layer throw blankets of different patterns and textures. That way, you don’t have to fight over the cozy covers! A plaid blanket would be a great contrasting feature against a warm tone throw, both of which are classic elements of the season.

If you feel as though your room needs a stronger fall aesthetic, add a season throw pillow to a minimal sofa or chair to tie the room together.

Delightfully Distressed

There’s something about fall that enhances the nostalgia of feeling at home. Spending time with your family, curled up by the fire or preparing for the holidays gets you in a home-bound mindset. Bring in vintage pieces with distressing to add that into your space.

This Didina Tray could be great for entertaining or displaying your adorable fall-focused knick knacks! The purposeful distressing of the tray creates a great vintage look to the piece while still being a new addition to the space.

Worn elements like baskets of straw or metal add dimension to your room. Use them as storage for throw blankets, Halloween candy or muddy rain boots! The straw option brings in natural elements of the seasons, where as the metal adds an industrial look to the room. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this functional accessory.

Light up the Room in Style

This year’s Daylight Savings Time ends Nov. 3rd. So, with a season of longer nights, use candles to enhance the mystery of Halloween. Illuminating a room with dim candle light instead of bright fluorescents can transform the look of your space once the Sun goes down.

Candles, candle holders and lanterns come in a variety of styles. Lanterns are a great choice if you prefer Mane + Mason, our farmhouse lifestyle. For a more glamorous space, golden candle holders play up the elegant style of that space. So, regardless of your décor preference, you could brighten up your space.

Using candle light during the fall season is also an easy way to incorporate the warm tones of autumn, like amber and burnt orange. Even if you want to keep your home neutral for the season, you can add color with candle light.

Only Treats Here!

Your personal style can start from the very first step into your home. So, put your best foot forward with a quirky doormat!

Use your front doormat to welcome guests throughout the season, especially the trick-or-treaters on Halloween and your family on Thanksgiving. Not to mention the functionality of a doormat. A season of entertaining guests for the holidays doesn’t mean you need to give up your clean space!

Another way to welcome your guests is to hang a festive sign or personalized pillows to toast the occasion! Encourage that feeling of togetherness that comes with fall and all the festivities of the season.

We could not be more excited for the holiday season. We are here to help you prepare for hosting game days, holidays and anything in between. Need more inspiration for the season? Check out our Pinterest boards for all the Fall décor of your dreams! Stay tuned for more fall and holiday blogs from XO Ashley.