Finding a cozy reading space at home seems easy enough, right? Just plop down and crack open a book. If only it were always so simple. Either the kids are entrenched in a TV program, ruining your peace and quiet, or your spouse has already declared lights out in the bedroom. What’s a bookworm to do? Create a the perfect reading nook of your very own!

The Holy Trinity

Designing a functional (and stylish) reading nook requires only three essential pieces:


1. The throne, choosing a comfortable chair.

This is your spot—choose the type of seat that you find most comfortable, be it an oversized chair with a dense seat cushion or a recliner with thickly padded arms. Or, go all-out glam and choose a curvaceous chaise.


2. The practical end table.

Whether you prefer a cup of Joe, spot of tea or glass of wine with your book, your beverage needs a resting spot. As a bonus, many end tables have built-in electrical outlets and charging ports. This will surely come in handy if you’ve swapped paperbacks for an eReader or tablet.


3. The stylish lamp.

Be kind to your eyes and make sure your reading nook is well lit. Avoid the common mistake of choosing a lamp that’s too tall (Here are some tips on picking the perfect lighting). After all, the lamp should illuminate the book, not the top of your head. Your best bet? An adjustable table or floor lamp that provides light exactly where you need it most.

Once you created the perfect reading nook, it’s time for the hard part—choosing a book. Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments!