Transitioning a kid’s room isn’t always easy because little ones get attached to certain toys and furniture. That’s okay though, let them move at their own pace and you can move at yours. Here are some helpful questions to keep in mind when determining if the time is right to make a move:

Are the rooms working well? Have your kids’ interests changed? Are there certain elements that need to be added or removed, per your child’s age and interests? What are their wishes or dreams?


Just as you have to keep kids in the right size clothes, the same goes for furniture. Here are five helpful tips for transitioning rooms.

1. Early on, get furniture they will grow into

For example, go for a look that will transcend time. Look for bedroom sets that aren’t just for tots.Full beds can easily can be transitioned throughout the years.

2. With time, make transitions by changing bedding, including pillows and comforters to suit their taste.

From childhood years…


…to tween and teen years




3. Roll out a new throw rug. With many different designs to choose from, these can help transform the look of a room.



4. Stylish accents, such as lamps, can easily be switched to help update a room.

     Hint: Purchase styles that will work for any age. 


5. Paint: Use bright colors in toddler years. Mute the room’s color or coordinate it with a theme as your child grows.

It’s amazing how a fresh coat can change the entire look of a room. By planning ahead and tapping into your kids’ interests, you’re sure to create the perfect room that will be functional and fun for many years to come.

If you have recently transitioned your child’s room or have helpful hints, we’d love you to share your experience and ideas in the comments section.