Chair to chair

We all love our creature comforts, and nothing creates that comfy-cozy feeling more than snuggling up under a warm blanket. The flip side is that nothing creates the look of clutter faster than having a rumpled blanket strewn across a living room sofa or left forgotten on the floor. So how do we have our cake and eat it, too? With the ever-so-fashionable throw, of course. They’re the perfect size to curl up in and they come in a multitude of colors and styles so they actually enhance the rooms you use them in. Win-win!

How to Choose

Since choosing a throw is a lot like picking paint color, go with what appeals to your sense of beauty and fashion. If you’re a tone-on-tone type of person, then use a throw in the same color family as your walls or furniture. If you’re that person that likes a pop of color, then let your throw do the popping. Either way, the texture or pattern of the throw adds an extra design layer to your look.

Where to Use

Exactly as the name implies, you can throw them just about anywhere and they’ll land perfectly. If you like things a bit more formal then, by all means, fold them neatly and arrange the throw precisely down the back of a chair or sofa or simply lay one straight across the bottom of your bed.


Time to Cruise

Between the polar vortex and freezing cold office buildings, it’s no wonder throws are all the rage these days. They seem to have just the right amount of warmth to take the chill off when a sweater just isn’t enough. So why not keep one in the car or your bag to you wrap around yourself up even when you’re not at home? They roll and stow so easily, you may end up bringing it out the next time you go to the movies, because sometimes even popcorn’s not enough.