The rainy days of spring have retreated, leaving us to contend with all the fun that comes with summer. Revamp your front and back door areas to make room for summertime essentials. Here are a few tips for transforming your entryway or mudroom into a summery landing pad.

Why Do I Need to Refresh?

Swimsuits, beach towels, flip flops and sports equipment are just a few pieces of this season’s ever-present clutter. Need a spot to dry off after a run through the sprinkler, a dip in the pool or sweaty yardwork? Why not transform your entryway or mud room into a cooling spot complete with plenty of areas to stow away gear and seats for drying off? Relief is on the way with some helpful tips for repurposing this space and giving it a warm weather vibe.

1. Refresh the Room

Front door or back door, it’s the first place guests see when they enter your home, so it’s worth the effort to clean it up to make a good first impression. Remove anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or isn’t being used—then donate it or trash it. Once you have decluttered the room, add a fresh coat of paint and if you’re feeling ambitious, come up with a theme for the area. For example, you could transform it into a beachy escape by adding plants, baskets and seashells. Make it cheery and bright, a warm welcome for your family and visitors.

2. Cover the Floor

Cover the floor as you see fit. This time of year, simple sisal or seagrass woven area rugs are a great choice since they are made for greater durability, come in different sizes and bring warmth and charm.

3: Furnish the Space

Your mission is to make the space more useful by introducing designated storage areas for everyday necessities. By attaching shelves with adjustable hooks, you’ll have spots for hanging keys, jackets and handbags right where you need them. The top wooden shelf provides ample space for sunblock, hats and maybe even a seashell or two.

Below the shelf, place a table with a shelf. Add bins on the lower shelf and presto—you now have the perfect spot to hold beach towels, flip flops, pet toys or anything else that gets dropped off at the front door. A lamp or two will help cast a pretty glow over your neat and tidy “welcome center.”

If you have extra space in the room, a bookcase extends your storage and display potential. Find one that fits your space and fill it up with bins or baskets and a knick-knack or two.

A storage bench can serve double duty by giving you a place to take off your shoes and put them away all-in-one.

Add little touches like a cart on casters. These come in handy for wheeling in groceries.

Perhaps a stylish coat rack will fit in the corner—a great idea for hanging up wet items.

With an entryway transformation, odds and ends won’t end up in the rest of your home and you’re sure to make great first impressions when guests admire how you’re keeping it all organized in style. How do you rearrange your home for summer?