There are so many ingredients that make a kitchen come together: from cabinetry, hardware and fixtures, to countertops, backsplashes, flooring and appliances. What’s often an afterthought—our choice in lighting.

What’s cooking in kitchen lighting? A lot. Given the vast array of options and freedom for creativity, it seems there’s no better time to lighten things up in a way that suits your taste and budget to a T.


Here are some of our favorite looks in affordable kitchen lightingOpens in a new wind.

Earthy and Organic

From gorgeous gourd-inspired pendants and sculptural lotus flower designs, to subtly shaped beehives crafted of metal mesh, organic looks are hot. We think they’re naturally suited for kitchen settings.


Light and Airy

Clear glass pendants are a clear winner in the kitchen. Whether placed over an island, table or counter, they provide essential light without obscuring your line of sight. From simply chic contemporary styles, to vintage carafes and raised block designs with mid-century flair, clear glass lighting is finding its way into kitchens in all kinds of ways.


Twists on Tradition

When it comes to kitchen lighting, traditional looks are being reinterpreted to suit changing tastes. The factory-style pendant given a modern white lacquer finish. A romantic chandelier crafted of wood instead of crystal. A pendant that merges “tarnished” metal with translucent glass. These are just a few ways what’s old is new in kitchen lighting.


Statement Pieces

Ta da lighting doesn’t have to be reserved for the formal dining room. Whether your style is shabby-chic, mid-century modern, industrial or contemporary, you can still enjoy a high-glam look, even when slaving away in the kitchen.


Clustered, Not Cluttered

Cluster-style lighting has a big group following. What a delicious addition in the kitchen! We especially love a combination of shades that are similar but not identical. It just makes life a little more interesting.


Table Lamps

Turn the tables with a well-placed table lamp or two in the kitchen. Not only are table lamps essential for task lighting, but they also bring a sense of warmth that’s welcome anywhere and everywhere.