A classic fashion that resurfaces each winter is the layered look. This timeless style is also a great way to work fashion into your home. Typically, we add layers to interior designs by incorporating textiles such as pillows, throw blankets, and rugs but today we’re going to be layering with candle scents.

#1: Envision Your Intention

Think of your ideal getaway–anything from the outdoors to a five star restaurant. This will be the foundation for bringing optimum relaxation into your home!

#2: Acquire the Scents

Shop for scents that complement each other and create a complete theme. I opted for a natural tone and chose scents like woods, florals, and seasonal titled aromas.

#3: Finish with Visual Accents

Set the scene for your candle arrangement. For the natural theme I wanted, I used branches, leaves, and candle holders to give the display a sophisticated and elegant yet organic look.

Feel free to utilize this style throughout the year, try it out for every season and play around with all of the unique scents you can create! Let us know what your favorite combinations and displays are in the comments below!