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Inspire A Dream Home to Dance Around

Here at Ashley, we encourage everyone to create spaces in their homes that represent their personality. During our collaboration with Brittany Cavaco, we decided to sit down with the professional ballerina to discover more information about her style. We helped Cavaco bridge her love of plants and her eye for eclectic interior design. Her master bedroom is now an eclectic mix of all her points of inspiration. We can’t wait to share our collaboration! show you the space!

Do you get home décor inspiration from trends, people, or online?

BC: “I tend to get my home decor inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest. It’s so inspiring to see a room with similar furniture look vastly different due to how it was styled or the decor. I think my home decor style has become more bold after being inspired by all that I have seen via social media.”

How would you describe your home décor style?

BC: “I would describe my home decor style as a mix between, modern, art decor and bohemian. My color pallet in my home has a lot of whites, blues and bronzes and I have a lot of plants and flowers!”

Do you have any interior design tips?

BC: “Don’t be afraid to use colors in your decor! Subtle pops of color can really enhance a room. Also, you can never have enough plants.”

What is your favorite room in the house?

BC: “My favorite room in my house is probably my bedroom. My bedroom is such a beautiful, serene and comforting space. The walls are decorated with plants and framed love notes from my boyfriend and I. Our ceiling has a beautiful chandelier hanging and the room has so much natural light! Everything in our room is from Ashley HomeStore.”

What does your home mean to you?

BC: “My home to me is one of my favorite places.  I have worked really hard to make my new apartment an enjoyable place that I look forward to spending time in and coming home to. My boyfriend and I both work frequently from home so we wanted our home to be a really special, comfortable and motivating place. I love that when I am in my home I get rid of all the outside stresses and never want to leave!”

What makes a home feel like a home for you?

BC: “Home to me means a place where you feel the most at peace and the most comfortable.  I have moved around a lot and can adjust quickly to living in new locations as long as I make the space I am living in a comforting environment. Home is the place I crave to go to after a long day’s work, it’s the place where I am happiest and where so many of my memories are made.”

Are you inspired by Cavaco’s bedroom makeover? Check out our Pinterest for more beautiful rooms to dance over. Let us know what inspires you to create your dream home!

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Children Explore the Depths of their Dreams

Hope to Dream strives to help deserving children across North America discover their dreams by providing them with the security of a better night’s sleep. Recently, with the help of amazing volunteers and event organizers, we took a trip to Atlanta to attend an event at the Georgia Aquarium. We followed along as 50 children and their families learned about marine life, dolphin training and conservation. We can’t wait to share our adventures with you!

Creatures of the Deep

During their visit, children came face-to-face with otters, beluga whales, eels and, best of all, whale sharks. They ogled at the colossal creatures – which can grow up to 40 feet long – as they swam along the notorious underwater walkway. Georgia Aquarium is the only U.S. location that has whale sharks, which gave the children a once-in-a-lifetime, extra special encounter. 

Children at the event were also greeted by penguins. Handlers brought the birds center stage to teach the kids insightful facts and see them up close. Fun fact: Most penguins at the Georgia Aquarium are typically found on the rocks in South Africa!

It was an incredible experience watching the children interact with animals from across the globe, but the fun did not stop there!

High-Flying Activities

Next up was the main attraction, the children and their families were brought into the “Splash Zone” of the Dolphin Show! The children met trainers and dolphins of the aquarium, like Luna.

Children learned about dolphin training from the experts, which involves diligent behavior reinforcement and time with the mammals. The kids laughed and screamed as dolphins jumped from the water and splashed around. Some even left with new aspirations of becoming dolphin trainers! 

The Monday after the aquarium excursion, the children received a special delivery from Hope to Dream. To have a better night’s sleep every night, each child was given a brand new bed set. With a new bed of their own, they are able to recharge and have a better chance of reaching their dreams. Like becoming a dolphin trainer. 

Since its founding in 2010, Hope to Dream has donated over 90,000 beds to children in need. With the opportunity of having a better night’s sleep, the organization hopes that the children have the chance to pursue their dreams. Click here for more information about the organization. To see more from our events, follow the Instagram page! 

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Leanna Laming Styles a Space for Baby Oliver

Laming wanted to craft the perfect nursery for Oliver, who just turned one in September. He needs a space that will provide comfort, and grow with him over time. This Summer we launched our Baby collection in collaboration with Burt’s Bees Baby to bring the best for every child. We can’t wait to show you the nursery!

We helped Houston-based blogger Leanna Laming refresh the nursery of her youngest child, Oliver. Creating a nursery is an exciting part of preparing for a baby! With a lot of questions to answer and decisions to make, we were so happy to work with Laming on this space. 

A Room to Grow Into

During their first years, your baby is constantly growing. Buying pieces that can grow and change with your child is a great way to make the most of your nursery purchase.

For Oliver’s space, Laming chose pieces, like the crib, that would transition with him once he becomes a toddler and starts reaching milestones like crawling and walking. Remove the front panel and the crib can easily be converted to a toddler bed!

Lamming decided to pair a removable changing top with a minimal dresser. When she no longer needs it, the changing top can be removed but the dresser remains functional! The piece can stay in Oliver’s room even after his footie pajamas become skinny jeans.

The rocking chair that soothes Oliver to sleep can stay in the space and serve as a cozy seating area when reading or doing homework. As for the color scheme, Lamming chose a neutral gray to keep the nursery minimal and functional through Oliver’s life.  

All Smiles in this Comfy Crib!

The average newborn can sleep up to 17 hours a day, according to the National Sleep Foundation. It’s paramount that you invest in a comfy mattress for your child, and one that will last.

Lamming chose a Serta mattress with layers of foam and a stabilized perimeter for the baby’s comfort and support. The mattress also has a laminated cover to protect your baby from spills and messes so it can last for years.

We are so excited to watch Oliver grow and love his nursery! You can check out Laming’s Instagram to follow along in the adventures of Oliver and the rest of the family! Browse our Baby collection to shop Lamming’s style. And if you need more inspiration for your nursery, check out our Pinterest for all your baby’s room needs!

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Subtle Celebration: How to Decorate for Fall

It’s the season of changing colors, spooky celebrations and fall festivities! Would you like to join the autumnal excitement without turning your home into a haunted house? We are here to help you bring the spirit of fall into your space without having to change your style. Take a look at our Tricks and Treats for Fall decor!

Quick Ways to Add Autumn to Your Color Palette

Use throw blankets to bring in the warm tones of fall into your home. These small additions can be easily added and stored away once the chilly seasons have come and gone.

To add dimension to your space, layer throw blankets of different patterns and textures. That way, you don’t have to fight over the cozy covers! A plaid blanket would be a great contrasting feature against a warm tone throw, both of which are classic elements of the season.

If you feel as though your room needs a stronger fall aesthetic, add a season throw pillow to a minimal sofa or chair to tie the room together.

Delightfully Distressed

There’s something about fall that enhances the nostalgia of feeling at home. Spending time with your family, curled up by the fire or preparing for the holidays gets you in a home-bound mindset. Bring in vintage pieces with distressing to add that into your space.

This Didina Tray could be great for entertaining or displaying your adorable fall-focused knick knacks! The purposeful distressing of the tray creates a great vintage look to the piece while still being a new addition to the space.

Worn elements like baskets of straw or metal add dimension to your room. Use them as storage for throw blankets, Halloween candy or muddy rain boots! The straw option brings in natural elements of the seasons, where as the metal adds an industrial look to the room. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this functional accessory.

Light up the Room in Style

This year’s Daylight Savings Time ends Nov. 3rd. So, with a season of longer nights, use candles to enhance the mystery of Halloween. Illuminating a room with dim candle light instead of bright fluorescents can transform the look of your space once the Sun goes down.

Candles, candle holders and lanterns come in a variety of styles. Lanterns are a great choice if you prefer Mane + Mason, our farmhouse lifestyle. For a more glamorous space, golden candle holders play up the elegant style of that space. So, regardless of your décor preference, you could brighten up your space.

Using candle light during the fall season is also an easy way to incorporate the warm tones of autumn, like amber and burnt orange. Even if you want to keep your home neutral for the season, you can add color with candle light.

Only Treats Here!

Your personal style can start from the very first step into your home. So, put your best foot forward with a quirky doormat!

Use your front doormat to welcome guests throughout the season, especially the trick-or-treaters on Halloween and your family on Thanksgiving. Not to mention the functionality of a doormat. A season of entertaining guests for the holidays doesn’t mean you need to give up your clean space!

Another way to welcome your guests is to hang a festive sign or personalized pillows to toast the occasion! Encourage that feeling of togetherness that comes with fall and all the festivities of the season.

We could not be more excited for the holiday season. We are here to help you prepare for hosting game days, holidays and anything in between. Need more inspiration for the season? Check out our Pinterest boards for all the Fall décor of your dreams! Stay tuned for more fall and holiday blogs from XO Ashley.

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Hope to Dream Encourages Children to Reach the Stars

With the help of Hope to Dream, 50 children from Brevard County took a brief trip to outer space. The children and their families were invited to spend the afternoon at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and toured a beloved spacecraft.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex was the perfect venue for the Hope to Dream event, because they work every day to teach the public about endless potential and exploration. While on location, we spoke with retired astronaut Mark Lee about the importance of providing children the opportunity of a better night’s sleep.

“It is absolutely important that you’re refreshed and able to work the next day and so sleep is critical to our performance,” he said.

A Shuttle Big Enough to Chase Dreams

During their visit to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the children were taken across the park to tour Space Shuttle Atlantis. Along the way, they marveled at the sights of rockets used during the Space Race in the 20th Century. The young children were dwarfed by the towering space crafts. 

On their tour, guides explained the triumph of creating a spacecraft that could be reused, a dream that took decades to achieve. Space Shuttle Atlantis was involved in 33 missions into outer space, and was retired in 2011 to the Visitor Complex. 

At the end of the tour, the children were brought back to the Rocket Garden to participate in games, crafts and face painting as they awaited the final surprise of the day. The children took part in a sharing moment where they talked about their favorite parts of the tour and what they wanted to be when they grew up. By an astounding show of hands, they want to be astronauts.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex gave the children and their families extra admissions passes to come back to the park for more extraterrestrial exploration. Rebecca Shireman, Public Relations and Communications Manager at KSC Visitor Complex expressed the significance of Hope to Dream’s event at the Kennedy Space Center. 

“The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a place where we inspire the next generation of space explorers by telling the NASA story in a fun, compelling, entertaining, and educational way,” she said. “The U.S. space program was built on hopes and dreams and hard work, so this event is important to inspire the next generation of space explorers.”

Toward the end of the event, the kids were surprised with a brand-new bed of their own. Each of the teddy bears in the sleeper set came with inspirational messages from Ashley HomeStore employees to encourage the kids to reach for their dreams.

“I can be the perfect example of that. I lived in a farm community in Wisconsin. When I was in third grade is when I decided I wanted to be an astronaut,” Lee said. “So everything I did in my life was to get selected and to fly in space and so dreams drive what you’re going to do to get there.”

Hope to Dream is founded upon the idea that children should be granted an infinite future, one that starts with a good night’s sleep tonight. With over 90,000 beds donated, the organization wants children to have a better night’s sleep so they can reach for the stars.

“We believe that every child deserves a good night’s sleep and a place to have great dreams about the future,” said Steve King of Ashley HomeStore.

Visit the Hope to Dream website to learn more about the organization. To follow along as they help better the lives of children across North America, you can discover more inspirational stories on Instagram. 

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The LaBrant Family Present Their House Tour

Our recent partnership with YouTube stars The LaBrant Fam has created a lot of stir, and we’re excited to share it with you. The family, consisting of parents Savannah and Cole and daughters Everleigh and Posie, collaborated with us to bring their style to life with Ashley’s wide furniture assortment.

Joyleene Padilla, one of Ashley HomeStore’s interior designers, worked closely with the family to bring their style to life. “I would consider the style a mix between contemporary and vintage… There’s this relaxed tone throughout the house with the lighter color schemes, too,” she said. “Overall it’s a gorgeous space that I am sure a lot of people could relate to.”

Home Makeover Goals

One of the LaBrants’ big goals were for easy entertaining and dining in their new home. That’s why when Joyleene began working her magic, she furnished the sitting room and dining spaces with vintage touches and a hint of elegance.

Another goal was having a spot for the family to relax together. The informal living and dining spaces made this happen with a play area that Posie can stay in while the family relaxes together, making it the perfect location for everyone to unwind, big sofa included. 

When showing their subscribers the official house tour, Savannah and Cole both shared their love for the redecorated kitchen and living space. “These barstools, I’m super obsessed with them. I’ve always wanted a house that has a little island with barstools. I love this room” Savannah said.

“This is where we spend 90 percent of our time… I love how open the living room is to this kitchen,” Cole added.

An Elegant Master Suite

Then of course, comes the master bedroom makeover. When helping the LaBrant Family craft the perfect suite, Joyleene fell in love with the relaxed tones and less-is-more aesthetic.

“(My favorite room’s) a tie between the master bedroom and the playroom. The master bedroom is so serene with the light neutral tones and pops of blue,” Joyleene said. “The high ceilings add this regal element that is really unexpected, but much appreciated.”

The white-washed furniture pieces exude a vintage style and make the room inviting. Joyleene added a seating area in the corner, so the couple can spend quality time together at the end of the day. The function of comfort and togetherness was a key feature in all the bedrooms in the LaBrant house.

Tackling La Casita

The family wanted to finish the home transformation by redecorating their guest house, which they named “La Casita.” Cole and Savannah encourage anyone who visits the home to feel welcome during their entire stay. Guests can choose between a variety of bunk beds or a private bedroom to relax and recharge.

 ‘These rooms are so cute. Because how fun are bunk beds?” Cole said. “So many people can sleep here.” 

Where All the Fun Happens

Pull up a chair and watch your favorite movies in luxury when you stay with the LaBrants! The couple decided to dedicate a space in their home for watching movies together. Stocked with delicious candies and sodas, they have the feel of a movie theatre without ever having to leave home.

Everleigh and Posie were also given a play space to call their own. The space features a play table so the girls can create masterpieces and host tea parties with their plush pals! The unique color palette of bright shades was meant to complement their fun-loving dispositions. Anyone can feel like a kid again when hanging out in their playroom.

Soaking up the Sun

Thanks to the beautiful Los Angeles weather, the LaBrants get to enjoy sunshine all year. For the outdoor area, the family went for a minimal look with light wooden furniture to entertain guests in the shade.

Trying to redo your entire house like the LaBrants? According to Joyleene, it’s best to be patient to create the best home for you. “When working with as many spaces, it is best to take on one at a time. This ensures the client gets everything they need for the space and loves every detail,” she said. 

Time for a home refresh? In celebration of our home makeover with the LaBrants, we are hosting a $4,000 furniture sweepstakes – click here to enter our Home Makeover Sweepstakes! to enter! To browse the LaBrant Family’s home, you can shop their specialty store. Also, feel free to follow their daily adventures by subscribing to their YouTube channel, where you can find their official house tour.

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100 Children Bounce Into the Year with Hope to Dream

Hope to Dream held a Back to School Bash in Roswell, Georgia on August 23rd and surprised 100 kids with something they didn’t have before – brand new beds of their own to sleep in. The children also received bags with school supplies like notebooks, markers and pens, so they were extra prepared for the school year.

These events help fulfill Hope to Dream’s mission to ensure all children have a bed they can dream in. For more about Hope to Dream, or to nominate a child, please go to their website.

The Back to School Bash

The children and their families were invited to SkyZone, a trampoline park, to reach new heights and jump into excitement. The afternoon event was the perfect way to end summer and bring in the school season on a positive note. Members of the Ashley HomeStore family took part in making the event even more magical for the children.

“It is an honor to give back and help support the communities that have so graciously allowed us into their homes for so many years,” said Evan Johnson of Ashley HomeStore. “Events like this allow members of our team to be immersed in the community and meet the very children this great program supports.”

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped the event go off without a hitch. The hard work of volunteers allows Hope to Dream to help deserving children achieve a better night’s sleep and dream bigger than ever before. Follow Hope to Dream on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see more about the organization.

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Ashley for the Arts Raises Record $590k in Donations

Ashley HomeStore hosted its eleventh annual event Ashley for the Arts, a three-day music and arts festival, in Arcadia, Wisconsin. The event was created to give back to the arts and celebrate and raise money for charitable organizations and school districts in the area.

Here are some of the highlights from the festival:

This was Home

According to the press release, this year’s donations benefited 60 participating nonprofit organizations, 28 of which were area school districts. Four of the participating school districts were also featured performers during the festival: The Whitehall High School Choir, Out of the Blue (G-E-T), Cochrane-Fountain City High School Choir and Arcadia High School Jazz Ensemble all took to the Millennium Amphitheater Stage.

Music for Miles

Throughout the three-day festival, musical performances were held across the park. Guests were able to be an audience member at the Amphitheater, Soldier’s Walk Stage or the Main Stage.

Performers featured local favorites like The SpaceHeaters out of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. During headliner performances, guests jammed out to sets from powerhouses like Three Doors Down, Billy Ray Cyrus, X Ambassadors and more. Award winning country group Lady Antebellum stole the show and closed out the event with a thrilling fireworks display.

Reach for the Stars

There was so much fun around the festival that the sound was bouncing off the trees. Kids, and kids at heart, could jump over to the Family Fun Zone to race and leap around on inflatable bounce houses and attractions. Even Ashley HomeStore employees got involved in the festivities!

Browse the Crafts

Craftspeople from across the region collected their best work and brought it to the festival. Whether you were looking for jewelry, soap, painting or macramé, there was something for everyone!

Tasty Midwest Treats

Got a food craving? Ashley for the Arts had you covered. Among 115 vendors at the festival, there were a host of amazing food truck vendors to eat and drink in merriment. From Wisconsin favorite cheese curds to New York style pizza and tacos with salsa verde, Ashley for the Arts had endless options.

An Event to Remember

We love hosting Ashley for the Arts every year to assist school districts and charities in the area to continue thriving. What was your favorite part of the weekend? Let us know in the comments below or send us a message on Instagram!

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Meggie Truelock Creates Boss Babe Office

When Meggie Truelock and her husband decided to move to be closer to work and family, they needed to find a way to make their new house feel like home. With the help of our Mane + Mason lifestyle, they were able to do just that. Truelock used our modern farmhouse product line to create a chic home office space. 

Create Small Spaces

Truelock, a home stylist from Texas, used accessories to carefully section off the room into distinct functional spaces. She picked the Oengus Accent Mirror, which brings in an abundance of natural light into the space. It separates the small seating area from the rest of the room while maintaining a cohesive look.

Industrial Design Meets Light Tones

Truelock’s neutral color palette for the office space creates a zen ambiance that is perfect for getting work done. She puts those soft shades on display with her industrial-inspired bookcase. Vintage books, vases, and greenery bring the light tones to new heights in the room.

Industrial accents provide a juxtapositional element to the delicate color scheme of the room. From visible nails on the upholstered chairs to the dark metal desk lamp, the office has masculine features across the space.

Whether you are starting a business or need a space to work from home, create a space fit for a CEO. You can shop Truelock’s specialty store to see which pieces she picked for her #bossbabe home office. If you want to gain more inspiration from Truelock’s home transformation, check out her Instagram.